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Useful Procedures

At school we follow some set procedures given different scenarios, some are statutory, you may find these useful to be aware of.  


Safeguarding Concerns

Staff are all trained to be aware of signs of abuse and know to report these to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, who is Mrs Maguire the Headteacher.  In the event that a concern is raised for your child you may be contacted by the Designated Safeguarding Lead to discuss the concern.  If as a parent you have a concern about yourself or a member of staff please do come and discuss this with Mrs Maguire.  The are statutory procedures to follow if a concern is raised about a member of staff. 


Recording learning in Photos/Videos

Our staff are issued with Class ipads. These devices are used to record learning, often in photos and videos. We ask parents to sign permission forms annually to agree to this.  Staff are not allowed to use personal devices eg mobile phones, to record children in anyway. We ask parents and visitors to site to not photograph or use video calling.  We will also explain photographing/filming rules for concerts/assemblies at the start of events.


Procedure if you child is unwell and cannot attend school

Please have a look at the 'Attendance' tab for more information.  Public Health England issue guidance about the types of illnesses that can be common in childhood and the recommendations for when your child should not attend school.  If a child has experienced diarrhoea or vomiting then they should not return to school until 48 hours after the last episode. 


If your child is too unwell for school, please notify us by leaving a message on our school absence line- 01255 508958 please state your child's name, class and what the problem is, we require this information to categorise the absence accurately.


Procedure if your child is unwell during the school day 

If your child is unwell at school you will be contacted to collect them- this would happen if a child has had an episode of vomiting or diarrhoea. If a child complains of feeling unwell a First Aider will attend to them and take a temperature, if your child has a temperature we will contact you. 


Procedure if your child requires medicine at school

Please visit the school office on arrival, there is a form to complete to give us permission to administer medication and further information can be given.  Medicines will be stored away from children's reach in a locked medical cupboard/fridge. 


Procedure for emergency evacuation

We practice fire-drills regularly with the children so they know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.  If you are on-site and you hear the alarm sound please make your way to the nearest exit and congregate on the playground.  Please follow any instructions given by staff. 


Procedure for checking the identity of visitors

All visitors to the school must sign-in via the school office where ID will be checked.  Staff, volunteers, trainees and Governors are issued with yellow lanyards and a staff ID- these will be worn all the time.


Procedure we follow if your child is not collected at the end of the school day

Children who are left behind often feel an increasing level of anxiety and distress the longer that they are unsure of where their parents are. Clearly this is not a good thing to happen to any child. The impact on the school of having a child left behind at the end of the day is also great as it requires a member of support staff to supervise that child.


If your child is not collected by ten minutes after the school day/or club finishing time we will telephone in order, the emergency contacts we keep on file at school, we will request pupil collection ASAP.


Procedure if your child is 'missing'

If your child doesn't turn up to school in the morning and we haven't had contact to say they are unwell and no leave-of-absence has been requested we will initiate our 'first day calling' procedure- this forms part of our statutory safeguarding responsibilities. 


First Day Calling Procedure: 

  • We listen to absence calls and read absence emails before 9:15am
  • The Office Manager has responsibility for collating first day absence information such as: bringing together registers, lates, absence calls - produce the list of children absent with no explanation
  • Initiate first day calling for children absent without explanation, we call everyone on the contact list until we get an answer.  We leave messages if there is a voicemail option.
  • We note information such as whether we get an overseas ring tone – and ask the question, is the family taking a holiday they haven't told you about?
  • We call the contact list at least twice
  • If we have had no reply we consider whether any children may have additional agency support, such as a social worker, and contact them.
  • We use school intelligence (does anyone know the family) to gather information.
  • A prompt home visit is made if we still have no explanation for why a child is absent.
  • If we cannot get an answer at home we note evidence of whether the house is occupied or whether the family may be on holiday.  If we are concerned for the welfare of the child we refer immediately to children's services or the Police and request a welfare call.