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French- MFL

French Intention

At St Joseph's we want our french curriculum to foster pupils' curiosity and to be an opening to understanding other cultures.  We want our children to develop their ability to communicate in another language. 

Pupils should learn about: 

Different ways of expressing their ideas and thoughts in another language, understanding and responding in speech and writing.  They should have opportunities to communicate for practical purposes.  We want our language teaching to provide the foundation for learning further languages, equipping pupils to study and work in other countries.



  • In KS2 pupils are taught French using the ‘Salut’ scheme of work in a weekly lesson.
  • Lessons provide opportunity for speaking and listening  through songs and role play activities as well as writing.
  • As a small-school with a predominately white-British intake (78%) we want to provide our pupils with the opportunity to acquire a new language and a new set of skills, equipping them to see language study as an opportunity to live and work in other countries.
  • Pupils use a French book to record their learning.