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St Joseph's Catholic

Primary School

Inspired by the life of St Joseph, we live, love and learn together

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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Our class teacher is Mrs. Wheeler (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs. Golding (Thursday - Friday).

Mrs. Owen works in our class every day and supports us with our learning.

Mrs. Dixon teaches on a Wednesday. 

Picture children growing up, finding their wings and stretching them. Our children are inspired in Y5/6 to confidently take more and more responsibility for themselves and for helping younger children. Our oldest children are the role models for the rest of the school through the way they work and play and care for each other.

Our oldest children are warmly nurtured as they look ahead to taking the step up to secondary school, given the support they need to thrive and given the skills to grow beyond that support as they start to become independent young people.

Our children are skillfully enabled to achieve their very best and to achieve well in the national tests they are challenged to do at the end of Y6; they are equipped with the skills to tackle anything that comes their way, knowing that they have successfully conquered so many things already.

Our young people learn in Y5/6 how to start to become even more their own unique selves, to learn, to share, to create, to perform, to care about each other and our world.


In our maths, we practice our core skills every day, aiming to reach ‘automaticity’, where we don’t even need to think about them any more to be able to use them successfully. We use pictures and manipulatives to support our learning – these are a key part of understanding the harder concepts encountered in Y5/6. We work independently but also in pairs and groups, supporting each other and building our learning through articulating and explaining our ideas. We have plenty of time to practise and plenty to challenge us – there is always something new or deeper to explore. 


We have two pieces of homework every week, apart from the ongoing expectations to read, practice spellings and practice core maths skills for Times Table Rock Stars. We are sometimes set holiday projects. Each is expected to take around 30-40 minutes. We are given these on a Wednesday and hand them in on a Wednesday, via SeeSaw. We take responsibility for this ourselves, building good habits for secondary school. We are always welcomed to bring individual questions and requests for help to our teachers at any lunchtime.


It is impossible to overstate how incredibly important reading is. It builds vocabulary, embeds language and phrasing in our minds, helps our understanding of the world around us; it inspires us and moves us and helps us to grow. Plentiful and challenging reading makes an enormous difference to us in English lessons but also far beyond – even in our digital world, reading is still the key way that knowledge is passed on.

In Year 5/6, we are expected to read most days (at least four each week), for a good length of time (at least 20 minutes), and to read both independently and to adults at home, outside school. Many of us choose to read every day and that supports the excellent progress we make at school. We are expected to choose challenging and engaging books and we are supported with suggestions from our teacher when we are ready for a new challenge or to help us discover new authors. We have a very well-stocked school library full of carefully-chosen authors.

In class, we have dedicated time for independent and shared reading on a daily basis alongside taking part in whole class reading lessons to enhance our comprehension, fluency and prosody. 


Our spellings in Y5/6 revise the key Y3/4 words and spelling patterns as well as all of those for Y5/6 and key vocabulary arising from other topics. We send home a list of all the spellings for the week via SeeSaw and have games linked to these words on EdShed.

Every Friday, we have a test on that week’s 1o words, that follow the pattern we have been learning that week. We aim to achieve the best we can on the main test - resilience is important.

We always get an individual reminder in the week before our next test is due, so we can make an extra push to practise at home beforehand.

As we are a mixed class, we have a two year rolling curriculum - Year A and Year B. 


Autumn - Lights, Camera, Action! 

Spring - What did the ancients do for us? 

Summer - Mountains, rivers and coasts. 


Autumn - WW1 or WW2 

Spring - Galapagos, A journey with Darwin.

Summer - Fly me to the moon. 

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Class 4 - European Day of Languages

Class 4 SMILE / ICT visit from the Essex Fire and Rescue Service - Cyber Safety