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Inspired by the life of St. Joseph,
we live, loveĀ and learn together.


The Smile Curriculum Intention

Through the Smile Curriculum pupils develop as global citizens with a wide understanding of relationships, health, well-being and British values.


  • At St Joseph’s we wanted to develop a PSHE curriculum that incorporated not just PSHE but also Global learning, (we want our pupils to be forward thinking and well informed about global issues), we did this because living in a ‘cut-off’ potentially inward looking coastal community meant children had little understanding of wider global issues
  • As a small-school with a predominately white-British intake (78%) we additionally wanted the children to enquire- is everywhere like this?
  • To support the balance of learning about global issues we have taken the GDGs (UN Global Develop Goals) and mapped these across our SMILE year (also mapped against our class topics)
  • We wanted to make sure there was time allotted to teach the children about British values. 
  • We wanted all the children across the school to develop an understanding of a given theme and therefore incorporated the idea of a weekly assembly.  Where possible we seek to provide the children with interesting speakers that are relevant to the given theme.
  • As with everything we do we wanted to enrich our global learning by considering the link to living our faith and as such have made links where possible to RE
  • We incorporate RSE through the Diocesan programme of study called ‘Journey in Love’
  • Within Smile we incorporate six E-Safety lessons across the year (developmentally planned by the class teachers using the resources from NOS).
  • The PSHE content is taken from the PSHE Association and incorporates: Living in the Wider-world, Health and Well-being and Relationships


The Smile curriculum is taught weekly for 1 hour, every child has a Smile exercise book where lessons are recorded.

PSHE Competition 2nd Place!