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Year 1 Phonics for reading

This week we will focus on reading words that have been changed with a suffix added to the end:

ed, ing, er, est




Speed read – how many can you read in 60 secs?

Repeat how many can you read now

Repeat if you wish.

Haunted,   frightened, disconnected, animated, devoted, limited, engaged, married, divided, blasted, figured, proceed, skilled, spotted, crushed, smashed, painted, crowded, bloated, pickled, skinned, cracked, kindred, mottled, dabbled, gnarled, natured.




gardening,collecting, spelling, flying, ending, shouting, scaffolding, safekeeping, sweltering, thickening, scattering, sweetening, lettering, springing

Read the words then read again clapping out the syllables.