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Inspired by the life of St. Joseph,
we live, loveĀ and learn together.

Who's Who

Meet the Staff

Mrs Kelly- Executive Headteacher

Mrs Maguire- Head of School


Mrs Carmichael- SENCO 

Miss Francis- KS1 Phase Leader and Class 2 Teacher

Mrs Francis- KS2 Phase Leader and Class 3 Teacher


Miss Bere and Mrs Wilkinson- Class 1 Job-share Teachers

Mr Higgins- Class 4 Teacher


Miss Bethan Griffiths- Trainee Teacher


Mrs Wiltshire- KS1 HLTA and Class 1 LSA

Mrs Dixon- KS2 HLTA and Class 4 LSA


Mrs Owen- Class 2 LSA and SEN LSA

Mrs Cole- Class 3 LSA

Mrs Kiri Hignett- SEN LSA

Mrs Natalie White- SEN LSA

Mrs Campbell- SEN LSA and PTA Chair


Mrs Shepherd- Global Warrior and School Council Leader and MDA


Mrs Colley- School Secretary


Mrs Barker- Cleaner


Mrs Fielding and Miss Fielding- School Cook and Assistant