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The Passage to share and the tasks to print if you wish.



WB – 11.5.20

Please light a candle and begin Your RE as we always do with the sign of the cross…..

Share the passage The Promise of the Holy Spirit.

It’s the role of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, to empower you to have faith ‘so that’ you may understand and experience Christ and His love in your heart.


Answer the questions below in full sentences.

  • What has Jesus promised?
  • What might the Holy Spirit do for people?
  • List the words in the passage give comfort/make you feel better..
  • What do you wonder about the Holy Spirit? (At this point there may be questions that cannot be answered and that is ok - it is often a reflection of our faith) 
  • In your faith, do you feel the Holy Spirit helping you to have love in your heart? What have you felt when showing and feeling this love?


Please complete your RE in prayer: 

Come Holy Spirit,

fill us with your joy,

fill us with your love,

fill us with your peace.

Help us to spread the Good News of God’s love to everyone.