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This week in a document if you would like to print it and the Pentecost word mat for spelling support for the children. Please note that God is always spelt with a capital G.

If you have a candle that you can light at home and a bible open on the story of Pentecost please begin your RE as we always do by marking the sign of the cross on our bodies.

Opening prayer: Christ Jesus, our light and our guide, as we travel through life open our eyes to recognise you in everyone that we meet. Open our hearts to share generously with each other. Amen. 



Discuss what you can remember about Jesus’ death and resurrection, what did he promise to the disciples. What can you remember about the coming of the Holy Spirit?


Re-watch the link and discuss. The Resurrection Pentecost


Task : To rewrite the story from the women finding an empty tomb to the coming of the Holy spirit. Write it in your own words. There is a Pentecost word mat for support. Please use this as an opportunity to work on your story writing and incorporate the variety of sentence openers and story features.

To extend this activity please reflect upon what you wonder about within your story. The wonder of our God often makes us want to know more or to understand more in building our faith. An example may be: I wonder what it felt like to be greeted by an angel? I wonder if heaven truly is above the clouds? I wonder if I felt the Holy Spirit when I was blessed by Father Frank?


Closing prayer: Living God, we look for you in all people. May we be inspired to treat each other with respect, sharing generously and reaching out to help those who are in need. Amen.