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Re Good News – Pentecost

After Jesus had gone back to his Father in heaven, his friends were sad.  They missed him.  They felt lonely and afraid without him.  On Pentecost day, they were all together in the house.  Crowds of people came to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast. The friends of Jesus did not go out to join them.  They stayed all together in the house.  They talked about Jesus and remembered what he had told them.   As the wind filled the room, they began to feel different.  Joy and happiness filled their hearts.  It was wonderful.  They knew that Jesus had kept his promise to send a new friend, the Holy Spirit.  “Let’s go out and join the crowds.”  Peter said.  “Let’s tell them the Good News that Jesus is alive.”

             Based on Acts 2: 1-4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqG_lvZhU-A watch the clip…

Teaching Point


It is difficult at this age for children to understand the abstract concept of the Holy Spirit. We use images such as air and wind to help us explain the power of the Holy Spirit.  The effects of these elements are what we want the children to explore and thereby deepen their understanding.




  1. How did the friends of Jesus feel after he went back to his Father?
  2. Have you ever felt like that? When?
  3. What did the friends of Jesus do?
  4. What happened on Pentecost day?
  5. How did the friends of Jesus feel?
  6. What did the friends of Jesus do after the coming of the Holy Spirit?



TASK – Create a wind sock!

On the top of your sock draw the faces and emotions of the disciples before and

After the coming of the Holy Spirit.

On the strips write some key words linked to the story.

Put your sock out in the wind, what do you feel?

How does it make you feel?

Picture 1

All the above on a document below if you would like to print it...