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Inspired by the life of St. Joseph,
we live, loveĀ and learn together.


Begin in prayer:

Father, pour out your Spirit

upon your people,

and grant us

a new vision of your glory,

a new faithfulness to your Word

and a new consecration to your service,

that your love may grow among us,

and your kingdom come:

through Christ our Lord.


(Prayer of preparation for Vatican II)



This week we begin our new RE topic: ‘Spread the Word’. This topic takes place during ‘Pentecost’ and is about the gift of the Holy Spirit after Jesus’ death. It is also about spreading the Good News!



  1. What is easy about passing messages?
  2. What is difficult?
  3. What responsibilities are involved?
  4. How do some messages make us feel?
  5. Does it make a difference how messages are passed on?


Share the story:


         The missing cat

‘Snowy, Snowy!’ called Lucy.  “Mummy, I can’t find Snowy anywhere.  She’s been out all night.”  When Lucy came home from school, she asked, “Has Snowy come back?” “No, she hasn’t,” said Mum.  “I’m beginning to get worried about her, cats often go off, but not for so long.  What do you think we should do?”  “Can we put a notice in the corner shop and tell the police?” suggested Lucy.


“Good idea,” said Mummy.  “Ask Daddy to help you write out the notice and to phone the police.”  Lucy and Daddy phoned the police and wrote out a description of Snowy for the shop notice board.

Next day, Lucy asked the other children at school if they had seen Snowy.  The children took the message home and asked their parents about Snowy.  Two days later, Lucy was having her breakfast and feeling sad because she missed Snowy so much, when she heard the hinge of the cat flap creak.  She ran to the back door and there was a bedraggled Snowy, she didn’t look much like snow, she was so muddy. She made her way to her food bowl.


‘Where have you been, Snowy?” asked Lucy as she cuddled her.  Snowy replied with a weak meow.  “How lovely to have Snowy back!” said Mummy, “We’d better send a message to everyone to tell them to stop looking because Snowy has come home.”

Answer the questions:


  1. How did Lucy’s family pass on the message that Snowy was missing?
  2. Who did they tell?
  3. What else could they have done?
  4. Why was it important to pass on the message that Snowy had returned?
  6. What responsibilities are involved?
  7. How do some messages make us feel?
  8. Does it make a difference how messages are passed?
  9. Who in our local, national and universal church passes on messages to us?
  10. What do we wonder about the messages from God?




As written above but here as a document if you wish to print....