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R.E – Our wonderful world.


Begin our R.E by finding a quiet area and marking ourselves with the sign of the cross. Provide your child with the opportunity to engage with questions of meaning and purpose related to Our World. Use a few of the picture cards of your choice to support.


Ask your child if there is anything they wonder about

  • How wonderful is our world?
  • How could we make God’s world even more wonderful?
  • What would happen if we did not look after our world?


Provide the opportunity, possibly by one of the means above, for your child to remember

  • What we love about our world.
  • What fills us with wonder about our world.
  • God created the world.
  • God was pleased with the world.
  • Everyone shares God’s world.
  • How we would feel if we did not work together to share God’s world.
  • Ways that CAFOD helps to make a fairer world.


Now to respond

How can I take care of God’s wonderful world?


Some suggested ideas

  • Look round the classroom, playground or your home. Discuss what we can do to take care of it. For example, bringing flowers, picking up litter etc.
  • Each child could plant a small flower pot with quick growing seeds in it to take care of for the holidays.
  • On a World template, under the heading God’s wonderful world, draw a picture of something that is wonderful in our world e.g. animals, flowers, friends, family. Adult writes underneath the template what the child says in response to “How can you take care of God’s wonderful world


Song -’s got the whole world in his hands.


Prayer: Prayer for our world

Creator God, who made our beautiful world, appointed us as its guardians

and gifted us with everything we need,

forgive us for the times we cause it harm;

for the times our way of life affects our neighbours.

Inspire us to care for the environment;

to help rebuild lives and communities;

to share in the joys and hopes of all your people,

so that all your creation may flourish.



Now to end our RE lets mark ourselves with the sign of the cross. Amen.