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This week's RE to print if you wish to. Also box template to make a treasure box.

RE – WB 29th June

Please begin you lesson as we always do by marking yourself with the sign of the cross and if you are able to please light a candle.

Prayer and Reflection


Creator God,

in your hands you hold the depths of the earth

and the heights of the mountains,

for all creation belongs to you.

Grant us grace to cherish your world

and wisdom to nurture its resources.

Save us from the desire to control what is not ours

and the impulse to possess what is not ours

and the impulse to possess what is there to share.





Our New Topic: Treasures



LEARNING INTENTION:     What we treasure.




Encourage the children to say what they treasure and why (challenge children’s perceptions of this) Share your their own ‘treasure chest’ (e.g. photo of special people, memorable artefacts).


“God created the world to show forth and communicate his glory: that his creatures should share in his truth, goodness and beauty – this is the glory for which God created them.” (CCC319)


Look around your home/environment (by all means also outside of home)  take photos/video clips/make lists of treasures around us (e.g. flowers, plants, tap for water). Share images, discuss the things we treasure and why.



  1. How did you feel when you received the treasure?
  2. What did you say to the person who gave you the gift?
  3. What did you do with the gift?
  4. What treasures do we share?
  5. How should we treat the treasures of this earth?

This week's task: 


  • Make a treasure box using either a shoe box or the template on offer. Inside the box put the photos or pictures or make word cards to represent your ‘treasures’.
  • Additional things to add may include pictures of animals, places and people that represent the treasures of the world.