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Our New RE Topic is: Friends

Begin our RE by making the sign of the cross and offering a prayer to God:


Thank you God for my friend’s smile

Thank you God for friends that make me laugh

Thank you God for their kind words

Thank you God for someone to play with

Thank you God that you made a friend in me

Help me to be the best friend that I can be.



Read through the image about Jesus and his friends. Then discuss:

  1. How do we know they are friends?
  2. What does the picture tell us about friends?
  3. What did Jesus and his friends do? (They worked, told people the Good News of God’s love for everyone, answered questions.)
  4. Where did they go when they were tired?
  5. What did they do together? (eat, shared experiences, rested)
  6. Where do you go when you are tired?
  7. Who do you talk to about your experiences of the day?  e.g. what has gone well/what has not.
  8. Where do you go to be quiet and still?


Activity: Draw your friend(S) and write a caption or list of things that they do with you to make you happy.