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Year 1 Phonics for Reading - use the practice test material in the star for this week. 


There is also a 'Polysylabbic words' (words with more than 1 syllable)  pack. If you are able to print them out and chop off the image so the children can match the words to the image once they have read them. Or write them out for the children to break down into parts and put back together. 

Phonics for Spelling



Yr 1 EXT split a_e words: shake, pale, amazement, escape, lake, animate. Make up a silly rhyme using these words and an alien word: eg. Bake – An alien called slake likes to bake.

Yr 2 – Add the suffix less – meaning ‘without’

Add it to the root words: spine, pain, fruit, home, fear, harm, thought

Add the suffix and put them into columns of positive or negative feelings or attributes.



Yr 1 EXT split e_e

concrete, complete, Pete, these, extremely, evening, delete  – Put these words into a silly story about Pete…

Yr 2 ment, ful, ly, less, ness, when the root word ends in ‘y’ so the ‘y’ is replaced with an ‘i’

Merry, happy, plenty, penny, angry, hungry, busy, lonely, empty

See how many times you can change these words using the above suffixes. Which one can be changed the most?



Yr 1 EXT o_e spellings

Home, hole, those, woke, hope, alone, phone

Write these words in a lots of different ‘o’ circle shapes to create a picture word pattern.

Yr 2 Contractions – ommissive apostrophe – the apostrophe replaces the missing letter.

Using the words instead of an apostrophe draw the missing letter/s very small so pretending they’re the apostrophe. Use a different colour for them. Cant, they’re, I’ve, you’re, didn’t couldn’t, he’d



Yr1 EXT split i_e

Slide, collide, decide, rice, surprise, invite, knife, outside

Read the words to the children. Ask them to draw whatever it is that they see in their heads after hearing the words. Within the image the children to write/hide the words. How many times have they written each word? Can a family member try to find the hidden words?

Year 2 – Create some contraction machines eg. The not machine – what happens to can, did, could when it goes through? Use the contractions word mat to help you.


Friday – common exception word spelling

Group 1 – where, went, some, once, one

Group 2 – ask, our, friend, school, push

Group 3 – great, break, steak, pretty, beautiful

Group 4 – sugar, eye, eight, could, would

EXT – business, busy, calendar, caught, centre

For the contractions machines

All the above info in a document if you wish to print it...