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All of the below to print if you would like.


Yr 1 R – Soft g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ofthnZXdyU

Watch the clip – then rewatch with no sound (mute) and read the words aloud.

Yr1 S EXT alternative ee ask your child how many different ways can they spell ‘ee’ can they list how many ways? 

Give each ‘ee’ a heading and children to write as many words they can think of to list that are spelt this way. May look something like this:

EY                EE                EA     Y          E_E

Monkey         feet               beat    rocky     these



Year 2 –common exception homophones:

Would & wood        here & hear    there & they’re & there     know & no    break & brake   to & too & two    sure & shore     where & wear

Put the pairs of words above into 1 sentence using both correctly. e.g   What would you do at the woods? 



Yr 1 R – Soft g


Write out the words for your child to read then place in their list: gist    giant    gentle     gym     Egypt      gym    ginger     germs     cage    page    genie and chn to sort into   i      e   or   y    


Yr1 S EXT we will now be looking at spelling of the ai, ay, a_e sound

Adult to read the words and child to write in the correct column

ai                   ay               a_e

words: staying     baked    chain     painful     pray      brain     amaze   snake   clay   painting


Year 2 Homophones continued

flower   flour       hair hare     aren’t   aunt     ate   eight      bawl   ball

Shoe shoo     some   sum      made   maid  

Choose 4 of the homophones above and match each 8 words with images.



Yr 1 R – Soft g sort the words into nonsense and real:

 damage     stidge      budge     energy    gipt      pigeon   garage   atergy

egyort        change    gigantic     giatoric   

Yr1 S EXT ai

container    raisin    complain    faith   rainbow   explain

Put these words into a silly sentence.

Year 2

Soft c recap  ci   ce   cy makes the ‘s’ sound

Circle the correct spelling:

sentense          sentence       sentunse   

pees              peaze          peace

accident       aseedent        acsident

chance         chanz            chanse

joosy            juicy             juicee

ricycle           recighcle        recycle

exercize        exersighz         exercise

rhinoceros     rhinoserus       rhinocurus

circus           cercus            curcus


Yr 1 R choose some of your favourite soft g words this week and practise spelling them in a silly sentence.

YR 1 EXT ‘ay’ spelling Fill in the missing ‘ay’ word

Please ____ I have a piece of cake?

A _____ of sunshine lit up the wall.

At school we go outside on the ___________.

Birds _____ eggs.

The wind makes the trees ______.

The opposite to night is______.



Year 2 – soft C revision

Play the word change and spell game ask the children to write the first word then the next and read it back.  


   niece     - now take both ‘e’ away and add and er to the end


  circus  -     take away the ‘s’ and add ‘lar’


   once  -     add 'c' at the start and 'rt' to the ending 


  spice   -    take away the ‘sp’ and add ‘pr’ add a y to the end


  trace -   take away the ‘tr’ add ‘pe’ then put ‘ful’ at the end  


   palace  - take away the ‘pal’ add ‘sp’


 prince – add ‘ss’ at the end.



Common exception word spellings…

Group 1 – where, there, push, pull, full, your

Group 2 – because, find, kind, mind, behind  

Group 3 – everybody, beautiful, hour, move, prove

Group 4 – Money, parents, worm, watch, bulge  


Ext – enough, exercise, balance, experience, cancel, Pacific