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Yr 1 R –Introducing Soft ‘C’

Soft ‘c’ pronounced like a s

Always has ci, ce, cy

The letter c is used to spell two sounds

  1. Hard c in cat, cap cottage
  2. Soft c in face, cycle, circus

Using the print out below or the words. Sort into soft c and hard c.

Yr 1 S EXT – word ending in ‘y’

Happy, family, very, rocky, funny, party, bouncy

Write out the words using different colours. Write the word a few times and write over it, make the colours light to start and build to get darker…


Year 2 – words ending in ‘tion’ – this is a suffix forming nouns of action, condition, etc. such as completion, relation.

station, fiction, motion, national, section, education

Make a silly mini story using these words…

Tuesday –

Yr 1 R – Soft ‘C’

40 secs to speed read the words – how many did you get right? Repeat and see if you can improve your score. Print out below


YR 1 S EXT – ‘ie’ as an alternative ‘ee’ sound:

field, shield, chief, thief, believe

Write these words out. Chop them up and piece them back together.




Year 2 – continuing with ‘tion’

Position, donation, location, question, caption, portion, mention, option, action – discuss the meaning and then write these words in alphabetical order…


Yr 1 R-  Play the word change and read game:


   niece     - now take the middle ‘e’ away and read


  circus  -     take away the ‘us’ and add ‘le’


   once  -     take away the ‘c’


  spice   -    take away the ‘sp’ and add ‘pr’


  trace -   take away the ‘t’


   palace  - take away the ‘pa’


 prince – add ‘ss’ at the end.


Yr 1 S EXT – Revise the different ways to spell ee, ea, ey, y, ie, e_e  e

Circle the correct spellings:

each     eech       eych                      monkee      monky      monkey

money   munee   monea                    happie      happy      happee 

sweyt     swyt    sweet                     Peet   Pete    Peat

beest     beasht     beast                    valey    vallee     valley

mee   my    me



Year 2 – Homophones – complete the quiz and list the ones you have remembered.



Thursday – Common exception word spellings…

Group 1 – where, once, said, pull, full

Group 2 – house, because, door, floor, poor

Group 3 – class, grass, pass, plant, path

Group 4 – busy, people, water, again, half


Ext – consider, continue, decide, describe, education,

Yr 1 R - Monday soft c and hard c sorting

All the above if you wish to print