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Phonics and spelling

Phonics / Spelling Week Beginning Monday 30th March

R stands for reading phonics and is for children who still work on phase 5 reading of digraphs. 

EXT 1 is for year 1 or any children who need to work on band 1 spelling rules

S - Stands for phase 6 spelling which is based on the Year 2/band 2 spelling rules 



R – o_e known as split ‘o’ (letter name/vowel sound)  poke, choke, coke, smoke, stone, broke, note. Write out the words twice reading each as you do. Chop them up and play snap!

Ext Yr 1 – English word hardly ever end in v so when they do it is followed by an ‘e’ – have, live, five, give, wave. Using these words draw a cheeky character of the letter ‘e’ – give it a face and write your chosen words in bubble writing with a cheeky ‘e’ at the end…

S – where the ‘s’ is more like ‘sh’ – television, unusual, treasure, sugar, capsule. Your job is to write a creative letter to Superman (or another super hero). In your letter, you must use each of your spelling words. Be sure to underline your words as you use them



R – au (alternative to or) August, Autumn, automatic, author, haunted, naughty, because. Button and zip these words then write them in syllables using 2 different colours e.g Automatic

EXT Yr 1 – Adding endings where no change is made to the root word…. Ing is the present tense, ed the past. The future is the verb to do… for example to hunt, to jump. Using the format below fit these words into the list and change them according to tense: buzz, hunt, jump, visit, target.

Past                Present              Future


S – suffix ment (added to the end of a root word)

enjoy, refresh, employ, engage, invest, manage

write a riddle for your new word e.g Improvement – I try to get better at somethings and I do get better at it, so I have made an….




R – u_e  known as split ‘u’ (letter name/vowel sound) – words – cube, brute, prune, flute, salute, June, use. Write these out and play splat. Adult to call out and child to splat as fast as you can… EXT make a silly sentence.

EXT yr 1 – adding ‘er’ turns a verb into a noun. For example print to printer

Chn to add ‘er’ to each root word and explain the noun in a sentence. E.g a printer is used to print out print on paper. Note in this case the root word does not change when adding er.

Root words: jump, cook, hunt, catch, box, teach, clean

S – suffix ‘ful’ e.g Care – careful

Mouth, spoon, pain, boast.

Draw a character to represent each of these when ful is added to the root word.


Thursday – You have now completed all phase 5 digraphs it is now time for revision of them all. Please use the list below to assess which ones your child can read on their own:

ay           oy     wh     a_e        ou       ir        ph       e_e       ie       


ue           ew      i_e     ea       aw        oe     o_e      au       u_e

Please make a note of the ones they are unsure of and continue to recap previous games using the digraph gaps. Once they can read them all ask them to write them from memory. If you need any support please email the c2 address….


EXT Yr 1 Adding er to enhance an adjective no change to the root word where the root word ends with two consonants: grand to grander, quick to quicker

Words: slow, new, old, strong, long, dark.

Write a sentence comparing the 2… A rabbit is quick however a cheetah is quicker.

S – ness as a suffix this changes an adjective a noun… the word becomes a quality or condition of the noun…

Add them to the root words:

new, full, dry, shy, swift, vast, blunt

Write out your words in a circle, square, rectangle, triangle and any 2D shape you can think of.



Friday Spelling –Please recap any tricky ones from last week. If your child is close tick the letters they have completed correctly in the word and where their errors are ask them: what other letter could go here? Do you need this letter? How else could you write it? Break it down in to syllables to help them recall….

Please choose a group for your child based on what they have been spelling previously in their weekly tests or any words you notice that they need to work on... 

Group 1 your, by, here, there

Group 2 come, some, once, one,

Group 3  wild, climb, every, everybody

Group 4  plant, hour, move, prove, improve

EXT answer, appear, arrive