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Phonics and spelling

Group 1


These words are polysyllabic – meaning they have more than one syllable. They contain split digraphs within them. It is tricky to see the split digraph in a longer word. Please button and zip these words showing the split digraph. (Note also a recap of soft c)

Medicine   Ireland     ice-cream       forgiveness    service     estimate    hesitate  

aeroplane    inflate   produce



Read the word and break it into syllables. Cut them out and cut them into syllables and stick them with a space between the syllable.

Confuse    perfume      capsule     costume       attitude   bathrobe    antelope  


earphone   postcode    primrose    wardrobe      wishbone    trombone 



Print out the aliens assemble and cut down the middle and make new words with the start and end parts. See how many different varieties you can make and read.

The sheet is below



Obb and Bob/picnic on pluto please selects the ‘revise all phase 5’

Group 2


List 1 ow as in ‘oh’                               List 2 ow as in ‘ou’

Children to place these words into the correct list. Children to write the words out:

Brown       blow      show      clown      down    frown      throw      elbow     growing      bungalow     tomorrow       window      crowned

Tuesday –‘oa’ words

Coastline    sailboat     coachman      railroad    overload     approach

floatage      poachers     oatmean     toaster  

Write out these words and put the ‘oa’ in a different colour to the other letters.


Wednesday – ‘o_e’ words

Make up as make o_e words as you can that rhyme with. Put the real words in red and any nonsense in blue.

ole           oke         ope           obe       one      ote           


Thursday ‘oe’

  • doe. foe. hoe. joe. roe. toe. woe.
  • aloe. floe. froe. oboe. shoe. sloe.
  • canoe.
  • Make a silly rhyme with these words. Look up the meaning of some if you’re not sure.

Group 3


Before a root word starting with m or p, in– becomes im–.

Before a root word starting with r, in– becomes ir–.


 Possible         mature     perfect     mortal       patient

Regular      relevant      responsible


Add the prefex ‘im’ or ‘ir’ in a different colour. Look up the meaning of these words.


Tuesday – sub– means ‘under’.

Create a silly story using these words and add the prefix sub. divide, heading, marine, merge, way


Wednesday –  super– means ‘above’.

Find as many words with super as a prefix and write a sentence in context showing the meaning.


Thursday - anti– means ‘against’.

look through the list and give yourself 60 seconds to write down as many of the words that catch your eye. Is it because you know the word or they interest you?


Common exception word spellings…

Group 1 – floor, poor, which, witch, better

Group 2 – gold, hold, told, every, everybody

Group 3 – can’t, couldn’t, any, many, clothes

Group 4 – accident, actual, answer, address, appear


Ext – grammar, group, guard, accept, knot, meddle