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Phonics and spelling

This week if you wish to print

Year 1 phonics for reading – Group 1


Please play buried treasure and revise ue, u_e ew


Please play obb and bob

ea, ey, e_e


Use ay, ai, a_e to spell using the snail


Use ow, oa, and o_e spelling


Group 2


ie spelling

dried   quiet   untied   spied  replied   denied  

Begin with the word ‘denied’ and see how many ‘ie’ words you can make off it like you do in scrabble.



inside     prize      tribe    crime    dive    quite   shiner   strike     swine

Using as many i_e words as you can create a story about a ‘crime’ – add some more of your own i-e words to it.


Alternative oa

ow, o_e, oa, oe

Complete the sheet attached


Circle the correct spelling

Flowt            groan           sorroe          cowk        poka       smoke     foe

Float            grown          sorowe         coak         poker      smowc    phoe

Floet             grone           sorrow         coke         powka     smoeke    fow 



Group 3


Ou but pronounced u

young, touch, double, trouble, country, cousin, rough, tough, courage

Make up a silly story about a ‘cousin’ using the words above.



‘dis’ – Meaning a negative

add dis to these words make the dis a different colour  EXT add a definition

obey     honest     gust    cover   agree  advantage



‘mis’ – meaning a negative

misbehave      misunderstood      mistake   misplace     mishear

place these words into a sentence in the correct context.



Prefix ‘in’

Write these words out in your favourite order, beginning with your favourite word.

inconsiderate    inadequate   invalid    incredible    independent    indescribable    incorrect    indecisive

EXT look up the meaning.


Common exception word spellings…

Group 1 – floor, poor, which, witch, better

Group 2 – most, only, both, old, cold, bold

Group 3 – could, would, should, who, whole

Group 4 – station, wander, July, copied, replied


Ext – February, forwards, fruit, youngest, disrupt,