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Inspired by the life of St Joseph, we live, love and learn together

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Please play this song daily


Reception – This week we move onto phase 5 phonics, if you feel your child is not quite ready, please do concentrate on phases 3 and 4. Just adapt the learning as necessary.

Tell your child we are moving onto phase 5 phonics.

Introduce the ‘ay’ digraph (d-ay), explain it makes the same sound as phase 3 ‘ai’. Child to  write:- day, clay, spray, delay, player and underlay on small pieces of paper. Place face down on the floor, pick word at random and read aloud. New tricky word - little.

Year 1 - Dictation - Adult please read aloud and child to write as independently as possible.

1, Can you dress a crab in a kilt?

2, Will a chimp jump off a truck?

3, Do frogs drink milk?

4, Do owls sleep at night?

5, Can a strong man lift a twig?



Reception - Recap yesterday, introduce 'oy' (t-oy). Button and zip the following words. Once you have done this read the words and each time you say the ‘oy’ in blending put your hands to the sides of your mouth and shout ‘oy’: boy, oyster, destroy, royal, joyful, enjoying and employed. EXT - find out the meanings of the words. New tricky word - one.

Year 1 - 

Soft g

Watch the clip – then rewatch with no sound (mute) and read the words aloud.



Reception - Recap ay and oy, introduce 'wh' (wh-en), Write down the following words for your child to read aloud: whack, whizz, whispers, whoops, wheel, whiskers and whiffs. Can you write a/some sentences including some of the words... they can be silly! New tricky word - when.

Year 1 -

Write out the words: gist    giant    gentle     gym     Egypt      gym    ginger     germs     cage    page    genie and chn to sort into   i      e   or   y    



Reception -  Recap digraphs so far this week, introduce ‘ou’ (cl-ou-d) speed read… how many can you read accurately in 20 seconds. Can you get faster?  - Shout, sound, pounded, discount, amount, crouch, dropout, burnout, flounder, slouch. Goodluck! New tricky word - out.

Year 1 - 

Soft g sort the words into nonsense and real:

 damage     stidge      budge     energy    gipt      pigeon   garage   atergy

egyort        change    gigantic     giatoric   


Friday - Handwriting  & spellings - For handwriting this week please click on the star icon that is labelled 'other'

Reception: there, little, one, when, out.

Year 1 - saw, very, put, oh, their.