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Inspired by the life of St Joseph, we live, love and learn together

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Reception – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, please recap any of phase 3 and 4 that your child might need extra support with… remember also tricky words, recognising and writing them.


Year 1 – Dictation - Adult please read sentences aloud, child to write independently. Please encourage correct punctuation.

1, Bill and Tom camp in tents in the garden.

2, Tim has a present off of Dan.

3, Jim has a posh pair of shorts with a belt.

4, Can cows swim fast?

5, Do ants eat grass? 



Year 1 –  Introducing Soft ‘C’

Soft ‘c’ pronounced like a s

Always has ci, ce, cy

The letter c is used to spell two sounds

  1. Hard c in cat, cap cottage
  2. Soft c in face, cycle, circus

Using the print out or the words. Sort into soft c and hard c.



Year 1 – Soft ‘C’

40 secs to speed read the words – how many did you get right? Repeat and see if you can improve your score.



Thursday – Handwriting & spellings.. please re-do any that were incorrect last week.

Reception – so, do, some, come, were.


Year 1 – day, made, came, make, here.