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Reception - Play link:- https://vimeo.com/35396335

Recap final consonant blends from last week. Introduce 'nd' (bl-e-nd) and 'nk' (shr-i-nk), draw a grid of 6 boxes onto A4 size paper, ask your child to fill each square with words ending in them both, for example, grand, expand, upstand, think, shrank, stopbank. Have a game of bingo, make as many 'boards' as you need, the more players the better! New tricky word - come.


Year 1 - Recap split digraphs from last week. Introduce split i_e. Apply by reading following words to your child, slide, collide, decide, rice, surprise, invite, knife, outside. Ask them to draw whatever it is that they see in their heads after hearing the words. Within the image the children to write/hide the words. How many times have they written each word? Can a family member try to find the hidden words?

Ext - Think of your own words.




Reception - Song from yesterday or one of your choice. Can you remember and write any of your words from yesterday?

Introduce 'nt' (m-i-nt) and 'pt' (k-e-pt). Read the following words aloud, write them then 'button and zip' them: tent, faint, saint, squint, wept, tempt, swept, script. New tricky word - were.

Ext - Can you put any of these words in a sentence? 


Year 1 -  Revision of Phase 5 digraph ‘oy’ – Button and zip the following words. One you have done this read the words and each time you say the ‘oy’ in blending put your hands to the sides of your mouth and shout ‘oy’.

Royster     destroyed      troy    cloy    droyp       royen     royal    annoying   joyful

Foyat      goyn    

EXT – ‘ee’ discuss all the different ways you can spell ‘ee’ – ea, ee, ey, y, e_e

Today focus on ‘ee’ write out the ee as though it looks like a whoosh or the movement a bee would make. Draw a character to make the ee look long because it is what we call a ‘long vowel’ sound.

Words: bee, tree, three, knee, screech, street, breeze.





Reception - Read aloud your sentence/s from yesterday. Introduce 'sk' (t-u-sk) and 'xt' (n-e-xt). Write each consonant blend in a bubble. Adult say aloud following words, child to write them in correct bubble: ask, next, brisk, unhusk, text, context, helpdesk, unfixt.  Please add anymore you or your child can think of. New tricky word - there (please explain the meaning of this word and that there are different ways to spell it with different meanings) .


Year 1 - Revision of the Phase 5 digraph ‘ou’ speed read… how many can you read accurately in 20 seconds. Can you get faster? (includes soft c – which is ‘ce’ and soft g which is ‘ge’) - Shouting     sound    pounded    discount    amount    crouch    bounty    dropout     burnout    flounder   lousy    lounge     flounce    bounce    slouch    pounce 

EXT – spelling of the ‘ea’ sound again this is what we call a long vowel sound.

Draw a picture of a beach and the sea in the image include a person speaking, a peak (of a rock or sand-pile), a beaker, a beam (sunlight), a bucket with a leak, an ice cream, a seal, a plate of meat on a picnic feast. Use all the words to label the picture.





Reception -  Recap all of phase 4. A list of words to read/write at your leisure to consolidate learning.

Read - band, glass, lisp, prod, tusk, thump, brush, paint, creep, toast.

Write - wisp, twig, wept, brag, silk, quilt, smack, truck, clock, blush.


Year 1 - Revision of the ‘ew’ digraph – Play make an alien….. write ‘ew’ in the middle and choose a consonant to go at the start and a consonant to go at the beginning. How many silly aliens can you make? 

e.g     w ew t    wewt     d ew p    dewp  what does this alien look like?

EXT – ‘ea’ but pronounced 'e' NB these words are sometimes past tense. Meant, read, instead, head,

How many times can you write out each word in 20 seconds? Go!...



Friday - Handwriting & spellings (use spellings from last week too if they were incorrect)


Reception - my, her, said, have, like.


Year 1 - by, time, house, about, your.