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Inspired by the life of St. Joseph,
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Friday - Spellings.


Reception - was, you, they, all, are.


Year 1 - out, what, don't, old, I'm.



Reception - Listen/sing to a phonics/tricky word song of your choice - Youtube. Recap some of your rhyming strings from yesterday.

Introduce 'nch' as in 'be-nch'. Here are some words: bunch, crunch, chaffinch, drench, grinch and drench. With adult support sound and blend them. Can you write 2 - 3 of these words in a silly sentence? This is mine: 'The chaffinch wanted to drench the Grinch with pink punch.' Extension - Can you write more than one silly sentence? Can you think of other words ending in 'nch'.

New tricky word - some.


Year 1 - Split o_e digraph to consolidate. Here are some words: home, hole, those, woke, alone and phone. Sound and blend the words or read them sight. Can you write these words in lots of different 'O' circle shapes to create a picture word pattern? Extension - What other words can you think of?




Reception - Listen/sing to phonics/tricky word song of your choice - Youtube. Recap some of your words from yesterday. Introduce 'mp'

as in 'ju-mp'. Can you complete a rhyming string for these words: camp, pump and grump. Here is an example, 'stamp, clamp, champ...'

Please write in your exercise book. Extension - Can you think of anymore? Can you do a rhyming string of 5 words?

New tricky word - do


Year 1 - Split e_e digraph to consolidate.

Concrete, complete, Pete, these, extremely, evening and delete. Can you put these words into a silly story about Pete?


Tuesday: Listen to/sing a phonics/tricky word song of your choice.


Reception - Although we have not gone over all of the initial consonant blends, I'm sure your child has grasped how to apply them, if they haven't please feel free to go over more of them. You can access them on the Twinkl website. We will now move onto final blends, consonant blends at the end of a word, please explain this to your child. Introduce 'ft' adult to write silly sentences: 'The soft hair was a gift on a drift' and 'Shift the raft so it can not drift to the left'. Child to read (please support if necessary) then underline or highlight 'ft' words. Next can you write any of these words if your adult says them aloud?

Extension - Write your own silly sentence.

New tricky word: so


Year 1 - Carry on with some more of the screening check and polysyllabic words. Then to help consolidate:

Split a_e words, shake, pale, amazement, escape, lake, animate. Make up a silly rhyme using these words and an alien word: e.g 'Bake' - An alien called Slake likes to bake.