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Reception – If your child has completed phase 3, 4 & 5 phonics, they will now be working on reading and dictation. If you are still working through phase 3, 4 & 5 please continue. Read aloud:

Mum has to run to the chip shop.

Jack had a long chat with Jill.

Dad had to wait for a bus in the rain.

Bob put chairs in the garden.

New tricky word – their (please explain meaning of the word their and that it can be spelt differently and have a different meaning).

Year 1 – Read aloud and answer questions.

Do elephants enjoy milkshakes at tea time?

Can jackdaws gather wool and fur and lay eggs?

Might girls and boys like to play beach games?



Reception – Dictation, adult please read questions aloud and encourage your child to write them as independently as they can.

Will an owl boil fish in oil?

Can cows hear bees buzzing?

Might farmers get wool from cows?

New tricky word – people.

Year 1 – The rest of the week will be a recap of spelling tricky words:

Phase  – oh, their, people, like, Mr. Ext – Write them in sentences.



Reception – Read aloud and answer questions:

Can robins perch on a garden path?

Is Thursday the sixth month of the year?

Are pictures of sharks good to see?

New tricky word – Mrs.

Year 1 – Phase 5 tricky words: Mrs, looked, called, asked, could. Ext – Write them in sentences.



Reception – Dictation (see Tuesday for how to facilitate)

Pat runs to the top of the hill.

Max had no pets to hug.

Jan has hens with chicks in the shed.

New tricky word – looked.

 Year 1 – Practise all of phase 5 tricky words.


Friday: Spellings and handwriting – Click on icon labelled other for handwriting, or feel free to use the pen pal sheets you have. For spellings please do also revise any previous ones that your child has been unsure of.

Reception – he, she, we, me, be.

Year 1 – cat, long, things, new, after.