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Songs for the week - - Digraphs song. - The digraph rap. - The tricky word rap. - Tricky words song, phase 3.



Reception – This week we are continuing with phase 5, like last week, if you feel your child is not ready please do concentrate on phase 3 or 4. Refer back to previous weeks for the learning. Introduce ‘au’ (h-au-nt), discuss that it makes the same sound as phase 3 ‘or’ and phase 5 ‘aw’ but is spelt differently. How many ‘au’ words can you speed read in 20 seconds? Can you get faster?

Paul, haunt, flaunt, launched, August, haul, astronaut, fraud, daunting, gaunt.  Ext – Write a sentence containing some of these words. New tricky word – house.

Year 1 – Dictation – Adult please read sentences/questions aloud. Child to write them as independently as possible.

She has to stick stamps on his letters.

He had toast and a drink of milk for tea.

Is the moon a lump of green cheese?

Do trains go up steep stairs?



Reception – The rest of the week except Friday we will be learning split digraphs. This link will explain how to teach and apply them.,%2De'%20(rule). Recap yesterday’s digraph then introduce the split a_e digraph. Adult say aloud following words for child to write on small pieces of paper – gate, mate, plate, crate, rate, grate. Place face down, child to pick one up at a time and read out loud. Ext – speed read the words and time yourself! New tricky word – about.

Year 1 –


Wednesday – Recap yesterday’s digraph then introduce split e_e digraph. Divide 2 sheets of paper into grids of 6. Ask child to write following words on them (some words you will use twice) – Pete, delete, complete, these, eve, swede, theme, extreme. Now have a game of bingo. New tricky word – your.

Year 1 –



Reception – Recap all digraphs from this week then introduce split i_e. Watch clip - – What words/objects can you remember from the clip? Write them down. Ext – draw them. New tricky word – day.

Year 1 –


Friday: Spellings and handwriting – Click on star icon labelled other for handwriting, or feel free to use the pen pal sheets you have. For spellings please do also revise any previous ones that your child has been unsure of.

Reception – came, make, here, saw, very.

Year 1 – going, where, would, or, took.