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Phased Re-opening FAQs

SAGE Science on the re-opening of schools


What happens if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in a setting? 

When a child, young person or staff member develops symptoms compatible with coronavirus (COVID-19), they should be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 7 days and arrange to have a test to see if they have COVID-19. They can do this by visiting NHS.UK to arrange or contact NHS 119 via telephone if they do not have internet access. Their fellow household members should self-isolate for 14 days. All staff and students who are attending an education or childcare setting will have access to a test if they display symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), and are encouraged to get tested in this scenario.

Where the child, young person or staff member tests negative, they can return to their setting and the fellow household members can end their self-isolation.

Where the child, young person or staff member tests positive, the rest of their class or group within their childcare or education setting should be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The other household members of that wider class or group do not need to self-isolate unless the child, young person or staff member they live with in that group subsequently develops symptoms.

As part of the national test and trace programme, if other cases are detected within the cohort or in the wider setting, Public Health England’s local health protection teams will conduct a rapid investigation and will advise schools and other settings on the most appropriate action to take. In some cases a larger number of other children, young people may be asked to self-isolate at home as a precautionary measure – perhaps the whole class, site or year group. Where settings are observing guidance on infection prevention and control, which will reduce risk of transmission, closure of the whole setting will not generally be necessary.


Q: Is the 1st of June a non-pupil for ALL pupils, including those of key-workers?

A: Yes, school is not open to any pupils on June 1st. 


Q: I can’t make up my mind what should I do?

A: That’s fine, we understand this is causing much anxiety, if you feel you may want a school place later on contact us when you are ready.  IF spaces are available they will be offered.


Q: My child has grown out of their summer uniform and I can’t get anymore?

A: Have a chat with us, we may have uniform available for you to use.  We will be understanding and flexible.


Q: What time do the key-worker children need to attend school?

A: 8:45 promptly please and collected at 3pm promptly.  A letter will be sent with their grouping during half-term.


Q: I’ve requested a priority year group part-time place but I’ve changed my mind, what do I do?

A: That’s fine, we understand this is causing much anxiety, if you feel you may want a school place later on contact us when you are ready.  IF spaces are available they will be offered.


Q: What time do the priority year group part-time place children need to attend school?

A: We are still awaiting the ‘green light’ from Government on the phased re-opening of schools.  The Government advised schools would reopen in a phased way FROM the 1st June IF the ‘5 Tests’ are met.  Local Authority and Unions are also awaiting the Government’s publishing of scientific evidence on the re-opening of schools, once published this COULD change their position.  These announcements are likely to come over half-term.  The 1st of June is a non-pupil day for all pupils (including key-workers) so we intend to use this day to contact parents that have requested a part-time place to confirm a start date, start time and group allocation.


Q: Will online support continue for pupils?  Will it be continued over half term?

A: Yes online learning will continue as it has done for all groups of pupils.  However not during half term.


Q: Will the school term end on July 17th as planned and will you re-open next academic year on September 7th?

A:  We are not anticipating any changes to our term dates.  So this school year will finish on July 17th and school should re-open on September 7th. I hope so, God willing, I really do!

Q: If I choose not to send my child back to school from June 1st and then later on my job circumstances change would we be able to send my child back to school?

A: The short answer is NO.  If a place is offered but not taken there is no guarantee of a place being available later on.  You also cannot ‘keep a place on hold’ for this eventuality as there will be likely to be other families that will benefit from this place.  Places will not be held open. 


Q: I’m a key-worker but am working from home at the moment; if this changes in July can I still get a place?

A: Hopefully yes but I’m afraid it cannot be guaranteed.  If you don’t take up a place you run the risk of not having one later on.


Q: I’m a key-worker, most of the time I have childcare but there might be the odd day I’m stuck, will my child still be entitled to a place?

A: Places, even those for key workers, cannot be held open for occasional day.  You will need to request and take up a daily space or not.


Q: Will my child be taught by their teacher?

A: This short answer is ‘it can't be guaranteed’.  It's possible that staff members may change.


Q: Can my son still play football?

A: No.  Football will not be allowed because social distancing cannot be guaranteed. 


Q: Will key-worker children be allowed to attend school flexibly? Or be collected early when my shift ends?

A: No, despite giving flexibility in this way up until now, after half-term anyone needing a key-worker place will need to attend school every day, arriving and leaving at the designated staggered time.


Q: Will this be bad for my child’s mental health?

A: We hope not, we shall do everything in our power to help the children understand why school has changed, ultimately it will be parental choice at present and you will need to make the best decision for your child.


Q: Will I be fined or will it be recorded as non-attendance?

A: We do not know yet quite how attendance will be reported but there will not be any fines for not attending.


Q: How do I let the school know I am a key-worker requiring a place for my child after half-term?

A: Please text the school on 07741844791 (don't forget to say who you are)


Q: How do I let the school know I will not require a space at school this academic year?

A: Please text the school on 07741844791 (don't forget to say who you are)

Q: Could you explain a little bit more what a day at school will actually look like for our children?
A: It would be best to point you in the direction of the booklet that will hopefully be published later today ‘COVID Phased Re-Opening Strategy’, this gives more detail as to the structure of the school day.  The day will in essence follow a sequence of lessons; we will be following what we are calling a ‘Recovery Curriculum’.  The children will have a socially distanced play-time (morning break) and a socially distanced lunch-break.  We will do our best to help the children devise games they can play that do not involve close physical contact, touch or equipment.

Q: Will emotional support and first aid needs be met and how?

A: Trained staff can administer First Aid but will be required to wear PPE including a face-mask, gloves, and disposable apron.  Although we will have First Aiders on site we cannot guarantee to have a Paediatric First Aider on site (normally a ‘statutory’ requirement for the under 5s).

We will try to offer emotional support by offering a calm environment and by talking to pupils.  Physical touch however (cuddle) will be used as a last resort and we must try to encourage and remind the children not to touch staff.

Q: Will the staff members wear a mask if the children are well?

A: Day to day in the classroom staff will not wear masks and children will not be permitted to wear masks.  The only reason for wearing a mask will be First Aid, intimate clear (eg toileting accident) and cleaning.

Q: Will our children be allowed to interact with their assigned group and teacher?

A: Yes staff will interact with pupils and hopefully pupils will be able to interact with each other but we will all need to learn a new way of doing this. Although it will be our intention to keep children usually within the same year group or class together, there is no guarantee of this.  Although it will be our intention to assign teachers to groups with their normal pupils again it cannot be guaranteed.   


Q: Will the September INSET days stay unchanged?

A: At present there is no intention to rearrange the September INSET days.


Q: Will Reception children have access to a play based curriculum?

A: Yes but it will be limited and certainly different to what they have enjoyed before.  Mrs Wiltshire is organising the classroom with a smaller amount of play-based ‘stations’.  The number of children allowed at these stations will be limited to two (to ensure the children can be adequately distanced).  The types of activities set out will be carefully selected using resources that we can easily clean or that are disposable between uses.  Children will be encouraged to wash their hands or use sanitiser after visiting any station.  We will try to set up activities in the outside area to allow for plenty of fresh air and variety.


Q: Will home-school learning and welfare calls be kept up for children that don't return to school?

A: Yes for any pupil not returning, for any reason, there will still be home-school learning available on the class pages of the website.  Welfare calls will still be made but may be made by a member of staff working remotely from school.