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Other Curriculum areas

Computing: (As requested by Ernest)

Linked to this week’s science…. Scratch Jnr is free to download





Science (Noel requested some more science)

This terms science is about the mapping the sun, understanding how it effects our days and seasons.

The first task is below and is enquiry based.


Art (Mollie asked for some Art)

Art objective is: Cut, glue, trim material to create images from a variety of media eg photocopies, fabric, crepe paper, magazines. Use anything you have cereal boxes, old fabric, old photos, newspaper, old cards…..


To use as much mixed media as possible to create a collage of either the night or day time. What I’d love to see is that it has a photo of you in it and it reflects what you do that that time of day.

For ideas please see the artist Danai Gkoni below. I love that he has used some black and white images to really highlight the colour. He has filled the whole page with images and included a clear background.



Optional PE linked to computing (As recommended by Noah)


Complete the mapping of the sun as suggested here....