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Design Technology - Make a paper boat that travels well on water  Origami boat 1  Origami boat 2 

Decorate your boats as you wish! 


The 2 boats above are a slightly different design. If you make 2 different boats then you have 2 to test. 


Science - Test your boats. 

Complete the chart below. 

Boat Racing Scientific Enquiry

For this task you will need

  • 2 different origami paper boats
  • A tray/bowl/tub of water
  • You – blowing

This experiment is to test to see which boat travels the best. To test this your boats need to travel across your water to the other side. To power the boats you will blow them. The boat that gets to the other side with the last amounts of blows is your more effective boat.


Which boat will be more effective? Why?




Number of blows

Boat 1

Boat 2




Outcome/What happened and why? Was your prediction correct?





EXT How else could you test your boats? – put counters in them and see which one holds most? Which one is more water resistant and lasts longest in water?