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For Maths this week I would really like the children to revise as much of their maths as possible and to see what they can remember from the whole year. Year 2 I have added a paper 1 arithmetic and paper 2 reasoning. There is an instruction booklet for the reasoning which gives you the first few questions. An adult needs to read them out. 


Year 1 I have compiled some standard year 1 tests for completion. If you wish to try the year 2 then you are welcome. 

In addition I have made some other papers if you complete early or wish to try some more challenging questions. 


PLEASE NOTE - The children can use 100 squares or alike or objects, counters etc to help them work out the answers. (just NOT a calculator) 


I have set these 2 large papers for Monday - Thursday. 

Friday I would like a solid 20 minutes focus on Rockstars. 

Please email me the areas that you are finding more challenging or perhaps need to recap so I can plan for the last few weeks of term.  

Mark scheme for the above papers

Year 1 to cover Monday to Thursday. Friday please complete a good session of Rockstars