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Reception – All of this week, I would like your child to go over any of the learning from previous weeks that they may have been unsure of

Year 1 – 2D shapes – A 2D shape is any shape that can be laid flat on a piece of paper or any mathematical plane is a 2D shape. As a child, your first drawings probably used basic shapes, such as squares, triangles, and circles. Examples of 2D shapes include rectangles, octagons, and even hearts. Follow BBC bitesize link - Now draw six 2D shapes across the top of your page. Now go on a shape hunt around your house or safe outside area, how many everyday objects can you find of those shapes? For example I would write ‘bike wheel’ in the circle column.                                                                                                 



Year 1 – 3D shapes -  3D shapes are solid shapes, you can pick them up and hold them. They have three dimensions - length, width and height. Some of these complex shapes include: sphere. cylinder. After completing the BBc bitesize link - use the following Key Vocabulary: 3D shape, solid shape, edge, face, corner, vertices and properties to have a discussion about what you have watched/learned. What items/objects can you find in your home that are 3D shaped? Can you count how many faces, sides, edges and vertices they have?                                                                 


Year 1 – Look at power point above, then answer questions.

Q1, I have 6 square faces, what 3D shape am I?

Q2, I have 0 edges, and 0 vertices, what 3D shape am I?

Q3, I have 6 faces, 4 that are rectangles, I have edges, what 3D shape am I?                   



Year 1 – Please recap skip counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.



Year 1 – Please recap portioning and combing 2 digit numbers.