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Monday and Tuesday sheet 1 and 3 for all


Monday and Tuesday

Task for all.

Sheets as attached – sheet 1 for ½ for Monday and sheet 3 ¼ for Tuesday

Equivalent fractions – colour half – the half in this case is half the shape. Then count the squares all together in the shape and that become the denominator – the lower number – the amount that the whole has been shared into. The count the half that you have coloured to give you the numerator the amount of the pieces.

For example the children should find 5/10 is the same as ½ and we also know that 5 is half of 10- make this link.



Is related to ¼ - discuss that ¼ we can find by halving a half. So ½ of 8 = 4 and then half of 4 = 2. Does this happen when they count and write the fraction coloured?

Group 1 Wednesday True or False

Group 1 Thursday Bee challenges

Group 2 - Revision of Fractions. To find a fraction of a squared shape think about colouring a fraction as every 1 in the numerator for example to colour 1/3 is to colour 1 in every 3. Remind the children that to find a fraction of a number they need to share or divide by that number to find the answer. For example to find 1/5 is to divide or share by 5.

Group 2 Friday word probems

Wednesday and Thursday Group 3 Fraction wall


Group 3


Look at the fraction wall. Which fractions line up as the same? 2/4 and ½ should line up the same. Can you try applying this to a number? For example 12 - ½ of 12 = 6 and does 2/4 of 12 also = 6?

Remember that any number you apply a fraction to must be a multiple of the denominator. For example any number you quarter must be a multiple of 4: 4, 8, 12, 16…

Thursday Group 3 – continue yesterday’s task with additional equivalent fractions and more numbers


Friday group 3

Complete the problems below