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Reception – Sharing, please do it systematically as last week.. ‘one for you, one for you, one for you’. Model activity (very adaptable). Repeat the vocabulary, sharing, fair and equal.

Today I would like the children to share, 3, 6 then 9 objects, fairly/equally between 3 teddy bears.  When confident 4, 8, 12 objects between 4 teddy bears.


Year 1 – Measurement – time. Children are introduced to key vocabulary related to time. They use before and after to describe, sort and order events. Building on this, they use first and next to describe an order of events. When talking about the day, children use the language: morning, afternoon and evening.

Can you sort these activities into before and after school columns?

Breakfast – bedtime story – get dressed – go to a party

Can you think of anymore activities that you do at these times of the day?



Reception – Repeat yesterdays activity – Ext – 15 shared between 3 – how many in each group? 20 shared between 4 – how many in each group? 


Year 1 – Recap yesterdays learning, then answer following questions:

Q1 - Which activities do you do before school?

Q2 - Which activities do you do after school?

Q3 - What do you do in the morning?

Q4 - What do you do in the afternoon?

Q5 - What do you do in the evening?

Write your answers similar to this “I brush my teeth in the morning before school and in the evening before bedtime”



Reception – Problem solving – Doubling, halving & sharing.

Q1 – Mrs White has 3 rabbits who love eating carrots, she has 6 carrots to share between them. How many will each rabbit get? Draw 3 rabbits and share the carrots (draw them too).

Q2 – If there were 10 cars parked at our school and Miss Vicky drove 5 away at lunchtime, how many cars would be left in the carpark? If you have toy cars you could use them to help you work it out.

Q3 – Draw 7 caterpillars on a large leaf, double the amount. How many caterpillars are there in total? Draw all the caterpillars and count them to check.


Year 1 – Describe and write a special day to a friend. Use the words: before, after, first, finally next, morning, afternoon, evening.