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Reception - Listen to/sing number song of your choice. This week we will be learning to halve.

Adult to introduce language realated to halving and model sharing 2 objects equally (objects that are the same will work best) into 2 equal groups, all the time saying "I have 2 apples (the objects you have) if I give them both to you and none for me, is that fair?" "How can I make it fair?" Tell your child you are going to halve the 2 and share them fairly. "One for me and one for you" again "is this fair?"

Repeat a few times with different equal amounts 10.


Year 1 - Listen to/sing number song of your choice. This week we will be learning about money.

Cut out coins if you wish to use them to support this week's learning...

Recognise Coins and their values.



Reception - Repeat yesterday, modelling and language first, then child to have a go. Please encourage sharing/halving systematically. One object in one group then next one in other group, alternatively until divided equally between the 2 groups. Today upto 14 as your starting amount.


Year 1 - Recap coin values.

Adding amounts

Please try to make the link between bonds to single digits and multiples of 10 for example 3+2 = 5 and therefore 3 lots of 10 add 2 lots of 10 = 5 lots of 10. Remind the children that 100p is equal to £1 and 200p to £2 and so on… please answer following questions in your exercise book.


Q1, 2p + 2p + 2p + 2p =          Q2, 2p + 2p+ 1p + 1p  =       Q3, 5p + 5p + 5p =       Q4, 5p+5p+2p =       Q5, 10p +10p + 10p =               

Q6, 10p + 10p + 5p + 1p =      Q6,  20p + 20p =                  Q7 20p +10p =

EXT 50p + 20p + 10p =             10p + 5p + 2p +1p =





Reception - Repeat of yesterday, if your child seems confident please make starting amounts upto 20. As your child is splitting the starting amount into 2 equal groups, ask them what is happening to it.....it gets smaller/less/fewer - please model the language to your child.


Year 1 -  What coins could you use to make the amounts? How many different coin combinations can you make?

               a.3p         b. 4p       c. 5p      d.10p    e.11p    f. 15p    g. 20p  

EXT 100p      




Reception - Today is about making the link between halving, doubling and sharing. As your child carries out this weeks learning, use these phrases/questions alongside (some of the language won't be understood but it is good to use and expose your child to it). "Halving is the inverse operation of doubling" "You have shared and divided 6 into 2 groups, How many in each?" "So half of 6 is?" "Now can you tell me what double 3 is?" "You can do them the other way round, they are connected" Repeat activity really focusing on maths related vocabulary.


Year 1 -  Problem solving linked to Money. What is the question asking me to do? Add? Subtract? Multiply? Divide? how else could I see this number? Is this amount linked to anything else that I know?

 money tasks.pdf





Reception -  Problem solving - halving - please use objects/visuals for support.

Q1 - Mrs Owen made 6 scones, she ate half of them, how many did she have left? 

Q2 - Draw 8 empty bottles, colour half of them in a colour of your choice, how many are full?

Q3 - There are 12 children in Mrs Wiltshire's class, half of them are boys, how many boys in her class?

Q4 - There are 20 footballers on a pitch, half of them are wearing red, how many footballers are wearing red? Draw 20 t-shirts and colour half in red to check.


Year 1 - End of money block assessment document.

Year 1- Money- End of Block- PDF.pdf