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Reception - Listen/sing to 'Doubles addition facts' song - youtube. Today lets put your doubling skills to the test with some problem solving, please feel free to use visuals/objects for support.

Q1 - In the morning Mrs Campbell made 2 cakes, in the afternoon she made double this.... How many cakes did Mrs Campbell make?

Q2 - Yesterday Miss Francis ate 4 chocolate bars, today she ate double the amount!.... How many has she eaten today?

Q3 - At a football match, Mr Higgins scored 5 goals, Mrs Maguire scored double. What was Mrs Maguires score?

Extension - Create your own doubles problem/question.


Year 1 - Listen/sing to same song as yesterday. To consolidate your skip counting in 5's please write in 5's as far as you can go!

Repeat for 2's and 10's. 


Reception - Repeat song from yesterday. 

Adult ask your child to make you a double number (upto 10), i.e double 6,  using small objects, can they make the 2 identical sets needed? Child to write corresponding number sentences. Extension - make doubles to 20 and do same activity.


Year 1 - Repeat song from yesterday.

Count in 5's using hands, repeat couple of times upto 60. Using a 100 square (in one off resource pack) and small objects (pasta shapes/lego) ask your child to place an object on each multiple of 5 upto 60. Discuss the number pattern, the numbers end in a 5 or 0. You might want to model activity first.


Reception - Listen to/sing 'counting back from twenty' song - Youtube.

Write and form numbers correctly backwards from 20 - 0. Carry on with same activity as yesterday, this time writing and saying aloud the corresponding number sentence. For example "2 + 2 = 4, so double 2 is 4" "3 + 3 = 6, so double 3 is 6" etc upto double 5. Extension - upto double 10.


Year 1 - Listen/sing to 'The counting in 5's' song by scratch garden - Youtube.

Write and form numbers correctly backwards from 40 -20. Skip count aloud in 2's and 10's as far as you can go. Now to begin skip counting in 5's. Adult model to your child alternatively holding hand up showing all 5 fingers. Count aloud "5, 10, 15" etc to 60, repeat then get your child to join in/copy. Extension - Can you count in 5's beyond 60? 

Tuesday: Listen to/sing a number song of your choice.


Reception - Write numbers 0-20 concentrating on formation. Briefly recap yesterdays learning. You will need 2 bowls and some small objects (pasta shapes or lego etc). Ask your child to put 1 object in one of the bowls, now put same amount in other bowl, tell them the have made double 1, repeat in any order upto 10.

Extension - Make doubles upto 12.


Year 1 - Write numbers 20-40 concentrating on formation. Please repeat yesterdays activity of skip counting in 2's and 10's.