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This week is to really consolidate ‘Time’

Year 1 the objectives are to use time related language and to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour. To reach further depth for this would be to extend to quarter past and quarter to.

When learning ‘past’ the hour the children need to recognise that the ‘past’ is from the 12 round to the 6. Or from 01 past the hour to 30 past the hour.

Then in learning ‘to’ the hour they need to think about how much time it is until the next hour. So in terms of quarter to the hour this means that there is ¼ of the clock face to cover until the minute hand reaches the next hour. The children should also discuss and recognise that during this time the hour hand has moved closer to the next hour but is not yet on it.

To the hour is more complicated in what we call ‘written time’ compared to the digital time. For example quarter to 8 is digitally 7:45 so there are 2 ways for the children to learn how to write it. It would be great if they understood both in learning to tell the time.

Year 2 the objectives is to learn to tell the time to the nearest quarter of the hour. To reach greater depth they need to tell it to the nearest 5 minutes. As above it would be great for them to understand the difference between the written time and the digital time. In addition to be able to write both examples.

Tuesday 21st April Converting the written time to the digital time:

Group 1 -


Half past 10 =                         5:00 =


Six o’clock =                           half past 8 =


4:30 =                                   1 o’clock =


EXT 6:15 =                             quarter past 3 =


8:45 =                                   quarter to 5 =


Group 2 –


Half past 4 =                          quarter past 7 =


Quarter to 9 =                        7:45 =


2:15 =                                    quarter to 3 =


EXT – ten past 4 =                          ten to 10 =

4:25 =                                           7:50 =



Group 3


Five to 4 =                             twenty past 7 =


6:50 =                                   3:05 =


4:35 =                                   twenty to 11 =


EXT: 7:53 =                            twenty seven minutes past 9


6:39 =                                   eleven minutes to 1

Wednesday 22nd April - Telling the time using clock faces Group 1 - hour and half past Group 2 oclock, halF, quarter to and past. Group 3 - five minute intervals. PLEASE write the written time and digital time to demonstrate the understanding of both...