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Inspired by the life of St. Joseph,
we live, loveĀ and learn together.


Friday: "Mistakes are proof that you are trying"


All children - Handwriting practise.

Reception spellings - was, you, they, all and are.

Year 1 spellings - out, what, don't, old and I'm.

Thursday: "Anything is possible, anything can be"


Reception - Look at the images on link below, observe closely, how are they similar or different to where you live? Please write your findings in your exercise book. Extension - Look at other countries, and repeat activity.

Year 1 - Thinking about where you live, I would like to know how you would get other places within the United Kingdom. For example, how could you travel to London? What form of transport? Roads? Air the lists are endless. I would like you to write how you would get to; London, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. 

Wednesday: "Let your smile change the world"

Today in known as Earth Day so today's activities will be linked to this. All children to first watch powerpoint below. Then please access the 'Messy magpie' story on youtube. Question what your child has learned. Now can you create a poster about saving our wonderful planet that God created.



Reception - Ask the questions: 'Where in the United Kingdom do you live?' and 'what is the area you live in like?' For example: quiet with lots of grassland, on a busy/noisy road, near to shops or beach. Write down your answers, then draw and label a map of the area you live in. Include as much detail as you can.


Year 1 - Choose one of the images below. Q1 - Is it the same as the country you live in? Q2 - How is it different? Q3 - What would it be like to live in this place? .... think about the clothes you might wear, the food might you eat, transport you might use or animals you might see.


Extension activity - Use the internet safely to research other countries and how they are different or similar to where you live.