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So, we know all about of location and that we live by the sea. How does living by the sea create jobs for local people? What occupations/careers can be developed due to our local environment?

Watch the clip below:

Think about all the jobs created by the seaside town and list them and explain them in full sentences. EXT if you can write more information put them into paragraphs.



Write a story including a seaside town and the different people who work there. In the story you can be someone who works there or someone visiting. Try to include as many great noun phrases as you can. i.e the fresh, salty, sea-air. What could go wrong or be the exciting part of your story. Work on your writing success criteria.


Look at the image: Dangers by the sea.

Can you identify the dangers and write in full sentences what and why it is a possible hazard. Use conjunctions to explain your thoughts. Use the conjunctions: so, because, as a result, therefore, consequently, as a result.

Thursday Power point and quiz


Recap the hazards that you identified yesterday and work through the powerpoint. Complete the quiz at the end of it. You can write the answers in full sentences.



Research day!

What can you find out about lifeboats? When were they first used? How? Why? The seaside has been enjoyed and used to support local industry throughout History. What did people do if they were in danger at sea?

Use google or ask your grandparents or use books to find out about the past rescue services linked to the sea.

Create your own list of facts to share and I will upload them onto the site.

Remember that not all the information you find on the internet is always true. Always work safely online. If anything pops up that you don’t know then call and adult.