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English related to topic

This week our English and History is about our local History and the Pilgrim Journey of the Mayflower.


Discuss the words and give meaning to the words: Pilrgim, voyage, seafarer, port, elite, dwelling, Master of a ship, undisputed, transatlantic, expedition, exporting.

Complete the grid named: Prior knowledge and vocabulary. This activity has no right or wrong response. It is simply the children’s reactions to the vocabulary and determines their own prior knowledge and the image in their head that the key words paint for them.


Using Google or a dictionary look up the words and discuss their meaning.

Write a Glossary explaining as many of these words as possible.



The Mayflower Resources

This youtube clip has lots of interesting facts and images of buildings that the children may recognise from Harwich. You may need to pause it a little to explain a few parts but so long as they get the basic information from it and note that Christopher Jones was from Harwich and that the Mayflower originated from Harwich also.

Please answer as best you can in full sentences.

How does Elizabeth I describe Harwich?

How many wives did Christopher Jones have?

Where did the Mayflower travel to?

What was the name given to America by the Pilgrims?

What was the Mayflower meant to be used for?

Do you recognise any of the places that are mentioned in Christopher Jones’ history?


Where did Christopher Jones Voyage to before he went to America?

EXT: What date did the Mayflower leave Plymouth?

What themes are the Mayflower story known for? Why?

How many people can trace their family tree back to the Pilgrims?




Create a list of key facts that you have taken from the clip.



What else would you like to know? Think about the pilgrims, the voyage, what happened after?

Use the key questioning words: what, where, when, why, how, who, to compose your own sentences to find out more about the voyage of the Mayflower to America.

Monday: Explore key vocabulary activity

This week's learning to print if you wish