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Firstly - THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! Thank you for your wonderful recounts and for sending them to me! 

Go onto the class page and there is now a folder of recounts. Select someone else’s recount. Read it and think about what is similar to your own recount and what is different?

Objective: Relate his/her own account of an event and understand that others may give a different version.

Write a paragraph about the similarities and a paragraph about the differences. EXT write a conclusion about what you liked about the other recount.



Using google earth put in the post code CO12 3HJ –

  1. Where has it taken you to?
  2. What is to the right of this place?

2a What is different about them, what is the same?

  1. Move further to the left to find a school, what school is it?

Think about your own school and compare them. To find our school put in CO12 3SU

Ext compare the boating lake to the sea… both have similarities but what is different? Think Geographically: Manmade, natural, wildlife, sealife, pondlife, food for people, food for animals, size, buildings, population/school size, play, surroundings and features.



Link your homes with other places in the community.

Last week you mapped out where you normally go in your local environment. Think about how these places enrich your life. Do you go to the pool to learn to swim? Do you have a favourite restaurant to eat at or take away when your parents need a treat? Did you learn to ride your bike along the seafront or do you have treasured memories of times on the beach? What does school do for you? Do you go to church?

Thinking about your home draw a map starting with your home and adding all those places to your map. You can EXT this by writing a fact box next to the place on your map explaining what you like about it or why it is important to you. 



PRETEND there is a house next door to you FOR SALE. You are the estate agent and you need to sell this house next door. You need to make an advert for the house. What is great about where it is? What facilities are close by? What are they like? What is the street like?

e.g This is a quiet road with kind neighbours and there is plenty of space to park on the road. If you come out of the house and walk down the road you will see the sea on the horizon. The golden sand at Dovercourt bay and its’ shimmering sea is great for a walk or to enjoy on a summer day. If you are hungry you may like to try some of the thai food in Harwich, it is delicious.

Persuasive writing support - Include some of these things in your advert. Your argument is that is a wonderful house and area to live in. an example of a question could be: Would you like to wake up to the sound of the sea? Do you like kind neighbours?