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Monday: New mini topic – Recycling – All children – Adult ask the question – ‘what does recycling mean?’ Record answers in exercise books. Look at power point above.

Reception – Adult please explain the meaning of words, reduce, reuse and recycle. Ext – child could look for them independently in a dictionary.

Year 1 – Find these words in a dictionary: reduce, reuse, recycle, waste, materials and pollution. Adult read aloud meanings then child to write the meanings in their own words.


Tuesday: All children to look at power point (refresh memory)

Reception – Can you list 5 things that can be reused and recycled, you might want to draw them. Ext – List 10 things.

Year 1 – List 10 things that can be reused and recycled. What type of material are they? Ext – Can you think of anymore? Can you draw any of them?


Wednesday: Because this is quite a lengthy activity, there won’t be any maths set for today. All children - feel free to look at power point. With the support of an adult can you carry out at least 2 of the following tests/experiments, if you’re feeling extra productive do all 4. Ideally you will need objects made of: wood, glass, plastic, metal, water, paper and rock. (As many as you have will do if you can’t source them all) Year 1 – please make predictions first, did you predict correctly? Record your findings in your exercise book.

Test 1 – Is the material strong?

Test 2 – Can you see through (transparent, explain meaning) the materials?

Experiment 3 – Which materials are waterproof?

Experiment 4 – Does the material float or sink?


Thursday: Today is about the properties of materials ….. The property of a material is something about it that we can measure, feel or see and helps us to decide whether or not it the best material for a certain purpose.

Reception – Can you describe the properties of at least 3 of the materials you used yesterday? Ext – Can you do more?

Year 1 – Describe the properties of all of the materials from yesterday, then answer questions.

Q1 – Which of the materials would you use to build a house? Why?

Q2 – Would you use paper to make the windows? Yes/no? Why?

Q3 – Which of the materials would you use to build a boat? Why?v