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Inspired by the life of St. Joseph,
we live, loveĀ and learn together.



Please draw an image of the school grounds. Use a ‘bird’s eye view’ point to include the features. Please include the new outside area. Label the school as much as you can.

EXT in your labels add some adjectives to describe what you think/feel about this part of the school.

NB you can do the whole school or smaller more detailed areas.



You have a task to improve our school…. How would you improve it? What would you do? Try to be as realistic as possible about your ideas. You can either draw your ‘additions/improvements to the school’ and stick them onto your original map or you can create a new map with your improvements added. You can be as inventive and imaginative as you wish. (I Mrs Wiltshire would personally love some suggestions for ways to develop our new outside area). It would be great to use some of your ideas to really improve the school.



Pose yourself some questions about your design. If Mrs Maguire was to ask you about your plan what would she ask you? Think about enjoyment, cost, materials, rules for use.



Using your own questions from yesterday… write the answers. Make sure you answer in full sentences. This means you need to include some of the words in the question in the answer. For example Question 1. What colour will the playground be? The playground will be the shade of light blue so we can pretend it is the sea when we play!



Imagine all your ideas came true!! What would a day at school be like using all your wonderful improvements? How would use describe the new features of the school – use exciting adjectives? How would you use the improvements? Would you use them alone or with a friend? What would you say to one another? Make note of the speech – remember to use a different line each time. Use time connectives -  ‘first, then, and, next, finally’ to recount a days’ experience.