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This week is again a Geography theme. The topic based objectives that we will cover this week include:

  • Use simple maps of the local area
  • Know about some present changes that are happening in the local environment
  • Link their homes with other places in their local community
  • Name, describe and compare familiar place
  • Ask simple geographical questions

In addition the History objective - Relate his/her own account of an event and understand that others may give a different version


The Task today is to go onto https://digimapforschools.edina.ac.uk/

A text has been sent out with the user name and password to allow you to access this at home, it is also in a document on the first page of our class 2 home learning.

  1. Please enter your own postcode (what is your full address? Do you know it?)
  2. Once you have found your home take a walk around your local environment see where and what you can find. Discuss how places are linked to one another.
  3. Using the ‘Pin’ drop pins in the places that you would normally visit regularly in our town.
  4. Drop as many pins as you can and create a list of the places you normally go to.

You can extend your list by writing about where you would go on a typical day.



Using yesterday’s list write a sentence or so about what has changed about this place since the COVID outbreak. For example the beach: When at the beach during the COVID outbreak people can be seen taking 1 hours exercise be it walking, running or cycling. The promenade has changed because people have to take note of the social distancing guidelines and stay 2 metres apart. There has been a notice put up to tell people not to go into the sea or take picnics.

Think of all the things that have change and explain how and extend to why?

(Supermarkets, parks, swimming pool, school, your friend’s house)






The recount checklist is below.

What is a recount? Look at the recount I have written (read as much or as little as you want). Miss Francis' recount is in a document below. Discuss the features checklist and highlight where I have used adverbs, varied sentence openers, questions, emotions. Have I included an introduction? A conclusion? What do you notice? Make notes of the things that you can find on the recount.



Use the non-fiction sentence starters to help variate the language. Refer to your Year 1 and Year 2 home writing books for general writing objectives.

Write your own RECOUNT of the COVID pandemic and how it has changed your life. How do you feel? What do you do instead of school? How do you see your friends and family? What has made you happy during this time? What keeps you going?

PLEASE EMAIL ME THE RESPONSE TO THIS BECAUSE WITH YOUR PERMISSION I WOULD LIKE NEXT WEEK’S TASK BE THAT THE CHILDREN READ ONE ANOTHERS AND RECOGNISE THAT PEOPLES ACCOUNTS OF EVENTS MAY DIFFER. NB. It would also be lovely for them to know how their peers are getting on. I will be mindful of which copies go where to be fair to ability and age.



Objective: Ask simple geographical questions

What do you wonder about COVID 19? How does it affect our local environment? How does it affect the UK? How has it affected the world? What do you want to know? Thinking about the words below and what you wonder about ask some geographical questions about the impact of COVID.

Examples: which countries in the world have been affected by COVID 19?

Where did COVID 19 start?

Can we go on holiday at the moment? Are planes flying?

population, trade, pollution, travel, economy, wildlife, growing/farming, other countries, business’, schools, leisure, communication