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    The magic finger 




  For world book day the class explored this story. We looked at the concept of 'transformation stories'. They planned their own thinking using a story mountain as the link below. This task is to think of another issue that is a problem for someone with a magic finger. What transformation will occur? Why? How? Try and use the varied sentence starters, similes, metaphors, adjectives/noun phrases, adverbs but importantly quote some of the language used in the story... add a twist does the main character have an invisible friend to act as a conscience?


 The enormous crocodile 


Another one of Roald Dahl's classic shorter stories. 

Task 1: Write a comparison on the two... what themes run through both stories? Through any other stories? Are there any words used in both that are typical of Dahl? 

Create your own story thinking of a greedy noun and how it/they might be punished... Again use language from the story and a strpy mountain to plan.

These are all extracts from current books taken from a free site called love4reading. On the site you can read extracts of texts. Some are restricted but there's plenty to read and learn and discuss. The idea of the links below is to get to know someone inspirational in History. The task here is to create your own fact file about one of these people or some of them. The extracts are of different ability so please judge best for your child.