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Monday: All children watch and listen to clip - very hungry caterpillar.

Reception – Re-tell the story to your adult. Adult ask questions relating to the story, can child answer them appropriately? Ext – Have a go at year 1 learning.

Year 1 – Write the days of the week and what the very hungry caterpillar ate on those days, please write the numbers in word form… 6 - six. What do days of the week begin with?  Ext – Draw the foods.


Tuesday: Watch The very hungry caterpillar.

Reception – Can you list some or all of the foods that the caterpillar ate? Can you add adjectives? For example, sweet, juicy strawberry.

Year 1 – Can you make up and write your own short story about a very hungry minibeast?

Wednesday: All children watch powerpoint above – Please discuss some of the key vocabulary with your child: lava, pupa, hatches, sheds, metamorphosis, chrysalis, emerges and nectar. 

Reception – Can you write a short sentence for each stage of a butterflies life cycle? Remember those time connectives, first, next, finally etc. Ext – Draw each stage.

Year 1 – Please answer following questions:

Q1, What is the lava?

Q2, What is another name for pupa?

Q3, What does metamorphosis mean?

Q4, What do butterflies taste with?

Q5, What do butterflies eat?


Thursday & Friday – All children – watch story and power point again if you need to – Over the next 2 days I would like you to write your very own hungry caterpillar story, use vocabulary from yesterday. Illustrate each page of your book.