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Monday: Last Friday I asked you about staying safe at the seaside. This week we will be learning about lifeboats.

All children – What do you know about lifeboats? Talk to your adult or a sibling. Do not worry if you don’t know anything, we will be learning about them all week!


Tuesday: Watch video clip – - Answer the questions.

Reception – Why are lifeboats so important? Why do they travel fast? Ext – answer some of the year 1 questions.

Year 1 – Why are lifeboats so important? Why do they travel fast? As well as crew members who else works on the lifeboat? What does the radar do?


Wednesday: Watch link - - Answer questions.

All children – Who did Barnaby speak to on the beach? What telephone number should Barnaby dial if someone is in danger? What are the different flags for? Ext – Draw the flags.


Thursday: Linked to art - All children to draw and label their very own lifeboat.


Friday – Linked to art/DT/science.

All children – Can you make your lifeboat? Test it in water, does it float? Yes – Why? No – Why? Write your findings, would you modify your design? Why?