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Monday: All Children to look at images of seaside’s from the past.

Reception – Linked to History - Talk to your adult about what you like and/or dislike about seaside’s from the past. Do you think one of your school friends, will have the same likes or dislikes? Why?

Year 1 – Linked to History Think of and ask your adult some relevant questions related to the images from the past. Please write your questions first, remember what punctuation you need to use.



Reception – Linked to science - Today, I want you to think about animals that you might find at the seaside. List or draw as many as you can. Ext - Do they live in the sea? Under rocks? Buried in the sand?

Year 1 – Linked to Geography - Look very closely at the images then answers questions.

Q1, How would a family living in Dovercourt get to the seaside in the past?

Q2, How would a family living in London get to the seaside in the past?



Reception – Linked to Art – Can you make 1 or more of the animals that you listed yesterday, be as creative as you like! I look forward to seeing what materials you choose to make your masterpiece with.

Year 1 – Linked to Art – Can you recreate one of the images from Monday? Think about different techniques and resources you could use. I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations.



Reception – Can you write a short story about the animal(s) you have made? Please think about sentence structure – capital letters, finger spaces, full-stops. Ext – How many adjectives can you write in your story.

Year 1 – Listen to Emily’s story. Next imagine that you are living in the past, write about a day at the seaside, who you went with, how you got there, what did you wear or eat? Etc.  


Friday – Linked to PHSE

All children – Please think about and talk to your adult about staying safe at the seaside. You can write about it, make a poster or make up your own song/rap.