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DT/Maths - as task for the week to support Maths

Prinatble version of this task if you would like it.

The week there is a weekly task. This task links to you Maths and DT

Maths: Spelling/ordering days of the week

Read and write numbers from 1 to 20 in words


Your DT objective is to: Talk about what you eat at home and recognise what healthy foods are.

Share the ‘eat well’ power point. Discuss what foods are healthy or not, and why we need a balanced diet.

Create yourself a ‘food diary’ in the diary write the day of the week and instead of using numerals in the date write the number in words. E.g Monday the fourth of April.

When you eat an amount of something write in words the number of items. Record what you eat through the week.


Twenty one cornflakes, three dollops of milk, one glass of apple juice – EXT with possible measurements in words again…. fifty ml.


When you have completed your day take a look at it and calculate how many portions of carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruit &veg, sugar/other that you have had. Again write in words.

So Carbohydrates – four portions

Fruit and Veg – eight portions

Dairy – seven portions

Protein – two portions

Sugar namely chocolate – twenty nine portions

Conclude your day with a score out of 10 with how healthy you think you’ve been.

Today I give myself one out of ten for my healthiness because I ate too much chocolate!


You can extend this task by adding pictures or by finding out what the food groups do to help your body.