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Class 3

Weekly Letter - 16th October 2020

Decoding Runes

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Class 3 Weekly Letter - 9th October 2020


In History we had to use our detective skills to find out what the mysterious objects were. We used sources of information to answer our enquiries about these mystery objects. 


For our PE this week we had a coach visit us from Col U. We spent the lesson playing games that enabled us to practice different skills such as running into spaces, slowing down to run around an obstacle and dodging. 

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Class 3 Weekly Letter - 25th September 2020

Class 3 Weekly Letter - 18th September 2020

Class 3 Weekly Letter - Friday 11th September 2020

Music - Recorders



In English we have started reading the story of Beowulf. We explored the characters through drama activities in our garden. The children certainly enjoyed playing the role of Grendel!


In Geography we have been looking at where the Anglo-Saxons came from and where they settled in Britain. After plotting the 7 Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the children used the atlases to identify what kingdoms, towns and cities still existed today. 


For our first Music lesson we have been identifying different speeds of pulse by clapping and using our body parts. The children enjoyed listening to different songs and identifying the beat by clapping along.