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Class 2

KS1 Reading Scheme Books


If you require a new set of reading scheme books for your child please contact us to let us know which colour band you need. A book bundle will then be prepared and named for you to collect from the foyer by prior arrangement. Please return current books and place in the 'Quarantine Box.'


Thank you   

Children learning from home - all work books from this year are now bundled and ready to collect from school at your earliest convenience please.

YEAR 2 PARENTS - moving to Year 3 in September. You may be entitled to Free School Meals. Please see attached.

So, after much to and fro discussion with the Times Tables Rockstars man he told me that the main leader-board is based upon the 'studio' part/games. The studio is based on up to 12 x 12. The below leader-board is more reflective on our class as it is based on the gigs which progresses with the child.

23.6.20 I was sent this beautiful tree this morning and it brought tears to my eyes. Noah made our class tree and everyone's name is on a leaf! I miss you all but I am so, so proud of your growth in all areas. Thank you Noah for bringing us all back together is this lovely image.

If anyone is stuck for reading books you can access free ebooks by Oxford Reading Owl on this link. The books are colour banded like the colours we use in school. You can try your child on the next colour if they are showing that they are ready.


You can create your own free login 

Class 2 Bubble is Miss Francis with Mrs Campbell. Each child has their own basket of resources and we have spaced the desks 2m apart but facing our friends so conversations can go ahead. We will be doing our normal 'star of the day' so your faces are all ready for your return. Outside the green crates are set 2m apart for your own learning zones and we have created a canopied area for some shelter. It's all bright and breezy and read for those returning to use tomorrow!

Hollie.B You melted my heart with this comparison of your recount and Emmie's

Tuck shop - He sold and bought items for fun,using real money. What a super idea for your pleat too - A Pokemon ball! wow!

Amelia has been working hard in her at home maths book, making maps!

lovely daytime collage of one of his favourite places. You have really worked hard well done!

To the left is Emmie's beautifully crafted twist, fray, quill, pleat and curl all using paper. To the right is MY - Miss Francis' paper flower garden....

Carefully creating her digimap!

Teddy's Science Scratch -

Still image for this video
The movement of the sun through the day...

You proudly show your work! I am so proud of you too!

29.4.20 Both working brilliantly on their money maths tasks! Great to see you using real coins!

Teddy has been working hard on his recount and building Lego. He wanted to practice his typing skills so chose to type his recount! He loves the fact that he can count the amount of words he types! Well done Ted!

Being wonderfully creative writing messages to the Postman and him replying! What a lovely idea! Great planting, time work and WOW! You are working so hard with your writing I am so proud!

Meadow's creative and exciting designs for our school environment! Fab questions too Meadow! Always working hard, well done!

Wk beg 20.4 Our Super-smiler showing her lovely collage a great work on suffixes! Well done your smile is like sunshine!

An incredibly productive week last week! I was blown away - like a witherstorm by your minecraft collage! It is amazing! I love all of your work and dedication!

You are working so hard on their maps of the school! ... or is it Mario?? excelling in his 10 x table!

Last week he lost his first tooth!! Thank you so much for sending me this delightful picture! I do wonder did the toothfairy come or are they on lockdown too?? I feel a story coming on....

Paige asked if she could go onto digi maps to look at images of the school for the task this week. I have clarified that you can use the school's login at home. Inside this document is any information you need to access this great onlien resource! Enjoy!

When the little people that you cherish brighten your day with the fact that they've thought of you! Thank you Esmae this put a big smile on my face!

Easter learning! Wonderful Magic Finger inpsired story 'Isobel got angry and she saw red and she pointed her finger at the boy!' Also your animal 'MASTERPIECE!'

Lovely colour coordinated key of your map of the school, thank you so much Poppy! AND your work on time too! Keep up the great work!!

Jasmine beautifully replicating the artist Vincent Van gogh. I love your use of cold and hot tones in your image!

Working hard in the Easter break! Following the number drawing animals and doing his time work! So very proud of you and super to see your happy face!

Jasmine's spelling challenge to use the words to write a letter to a 'superhero'. Jasmine chose the NHS! This letter is so creative, caring and conscientious! It bought a tear to my eye and I am so proud of you Jasmine! So neat too! Well done!

Chef making a vegi pizza for the Iron man.... but, devouring it all himself! hehe...

Hollie.M explaining the 'coronavirus'. Ava's fab comprehension! Levi's beautiful Easter story and getting stuck into timestables rock stars! CLASS 2 YOU ROCK!

working hard - beautiful Easter story and Art. stunning handwriting in her Science/animal facts

Making the Iron man's yummy, vegi dish (He needed a new diet to help his poorly teeth!)

Stunning Easter garden, dragon and Iron man/Dentist dialogue! Brilliant work!! Great to see your happy face!

Ernest working very hard across the curriculum. Great Grammar, spelling, times tables and 'Theory of you favourite author". So much work to choose from with all that you have done!

Working hard on spelling and RE. Teddy's Iron man newspaper article! You give us so much to celebrate Class 2!

A friend for the space-bat-angel-dragon and his instructions! Wow working hard with her handwriting and newspaper article! So proud of you all!

Fantastic Easter story maps from Paige, Meadow. Easter images beautifully drawn by Meadow and Noah. Noah's science and Spelling! Keep up you're incredible work Class 2!!

Thursday 27th February - Class 2 completed their sketches of The Iron man! We used varied equipment to create effect when shading.

Building Texture in Music!

Still image for this video
We learnt about the layers created by different instruments in varied pieces of music and created our own layers of texture. The children here really focused on building up those layers.


Still image for this video
Learning to safely forward role. We use a bean bag to hold under our chin to keep our head in the right place.

Fun developing Printing Skills

Meeting Santa!

Watching the Elf show!

Enjoying Marsh Farm 2.12.19 - Crazy maze, tractors, animals, tea cup rides! So much Fun!

November 2019 - Baptism Candles. Class 2 made their own candles. Each child chose the signs of baptism for their candles and explained what they symbolised.

Wk beginning 21.10.19 Having read the story 'The Queen's Knickers' Class 2 set about designing and making a new pair for her majesty!

23.10.19 - Class 2 researched 1950's party food and the recipe that caught their eye was for an upside-down pineapple cake! We then ate it at our coronation party!

23.10.19 - Making Cheese straws for our class 'coronation party'

22.10.19 In the morning Class 2 visited first site galleries in Colchester where we explored the 1950's textile artist Lucienne Day. We had a lovely artist called Jaqueline who showed us round the site to give us inspiration. She helped us to develop a design process and to then create a final printed piece of art work. It was an amazing morning.

22.10.19 - We learnt about the famous artist Andy Warhol who painted the queen between the 1940s and 60s and replicated his work using mixed medias of our choice.

2.10.19 - The queen (aka Pat Chowney) came to visit us. She spoke about her crown jewels and where they were kept. The queen also brought with her many different artifacts from the 1950s and Class 2 were able to sort the items from old and new and explain their thinking. Mrs Chowney also brought with her a little cup and spoon given to every child in the country at the time of queen Elizabeth 2 coronation!

October 2019 - Orb making: Class 2 designed, made, modified and evaluated the new orb they made for 'the queen'. Lots of detailed creations were masterminded!

September 2019 - Learning outside is so much fun! Using twigs to make the more than > less than < and = to signs and completing the number sentence using large number tiles.