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Class 1

3.7.18 'Sharing the Shell' Desciptive writing

Week Beginning 11.6.18 - DUCKLINGS! We were VERY lucky to experience some real life magic before our very eyes! Our ducklings hatched in class and we have made the most of such an amazing time!

Healthy Eating Week 11.6.18 - Class 1 enjoyed smoothie making on the 'Smoothie Bike!'

Wk beginning: 4.6.18 We began our 'Seaside' Topic. We explored the seaside with our senses and wrote a list of what we would see and used our other senses to describe them. We read and followed instructions on 'How to build a sandcastle'. We then wrote our own. We have been doing some amazing sketching of real shells. Role play in the souvenir shop was in full swing!

Week Beginning 21.05.18 - AFRICA week! Class 1 learnt all about African tribal life and about Ghana. They explored the Africa dolls, read all about the counrty, roleplayed their lifestyle, created Africa prints and beads. Read African based story 'Handa's Hen' and rewrote it. We LOVED the African drums!

Science Week - Fizz Pop Fizz Bang workshop! We had the most explosive time investigating static energy, forces, chemical reactions, light and bubbles!

3.05.18 - AMAZING recounts of the Morrisons Trip! Class 1 are becoming such wonderful INDEPENDANT writers. We are incredibly proud of you all. Keep up the good work!

2.05.18 Morrisons Trip! WOW! What a fun trip! We started off in the recycle area posting our materials to be recycled. The store then allowed the children to try the check outs. They loved the tills, working out the prices, finding the barcodes, weighing the produce. A whole table of healthy snack was laid out for them. Class 1 were shown round each area of the store where they sampled and held produce. A scavenger hunt took place where the children had to work out the riddle then find the items. Such fun and what an experience!

1.05.18 Prior to our Morrsions trip we thought about our own environment and what is near our own homes. We designed and labelled our own maps.

20.04.18 Bobbit's Hole Trip - A wonderful, exploratory time was had by all. The class really embraced their learning and were able to see the habitats of living things for themselves. They took onboard the effects of humans on the environment and learnt how humans can destroy or preserve a habitat for living things.

Spring Reading in EYFS

23.04.18 Class 1 made a super effort with their Easter bonnets!

21.03.18 Thank you to all who attended the Parent's Maths Workshop.

wK BEG. 19.03.18 - The lifecycle of a frog! As many of you may have noticed we have some of our very own tadpoles and the children have been thrilled and curious about their life cycle unfolding before their eyes.

15.03.18 WE LOVE PE! Developing our throwing and catching skills, kicking and controlling balls and working on team games - negotiating space and following rules fairly.

Writing in EYFS - When I was a baby......

wk beg: 12.03.18 The Human Life Cycle. The children ordered and explained the stages of human life. They were able to think about the fundamental things we need in order to grow. They talked about their own past and what they would like to be in the future. Baby crafts, role play, ICT, team tasks and smoothie making!

Week beginning 5.03.18 - Class 1 were thrilled to return to school to discover that their cress had grown! Unfortunately not everybody's cress grew and we discussed some possible reasons for why it didn't. Some wonderful writing about our cress growing was completed this week. Class 1 are becoming such excellent writers. We planted our beans this week and await their growth. The children looked at real plants and pulled them apart to explore the parts. They labelled plants and role played in the Garden Centre. Capactiy was in full swing, estimating how much the containers could hold and ordering them. Floating and sinking fruits and veg took place at the water tray.

28.03.18 - Despite the snow outside, learning was very much ongoing in Class 1. The children were using language linked with capacity: full, half full, empty, nearly empty. They had to estimate how many droplets of paint water would fill the bubble. They worked in teams to make a lantern. We began our 'Growing' topic with planting our cress seeds and learning about what cress needs to grow. Some of the children selected their own resources and materials to make representations of the snowy sceens they had seen.

28.03.18' SNOW FUN AT SCHOOL! The children loved their time in the snow! We made our own 'large lid-sledges' and flew down the slopes! A snowman was built and some beautiful snow angels adorned the school fields. The children embraced every part of the snow fun. The adults enjoyed it too!

Chinese New Year cont: A task was set to make 1 lantern only in a team of 3. The children had to negotiate and work well together, listening to the ideas of others and thinking critically about their design in order to improve it. The task was very interesting and the children gained a lot from it. We also made Chinese New Year dragons using mixed media. The children then performed Chinese ribbon and dragon dances.

week beg: 19.02.18 - Chinese New Year! The children listened to, read, role-played the Chinese Zodiac story. They made masks to represent the characters. The children compared celebrations in their writing. Some chinese numbers were copied and discussed. The maps and globes were in full use discussing the different countries and where China is in relation to England. The children measured the animals and timed each other on the obstacle courses they had made. We explored the Chinese artefacts and attempted to use chop sticks.

8.02.18 The Redoubt Fort - Class 1 had a super trip to the Redoubt. The children learnt so much about the old fort's defences. They loved looking at the varied cannons and hearing of the battles that took place to defend. They studied the moat and were able to act out 'Sleeping Beauty' in there on their hand-made hobbie horses. The echoing well was fab for shouting into....... !

1.02.18’ Mr Ayton visited class 1 he is a builder. Mr Ayton talked to us all about the building trade, he showed the children his hard safety hat and talked about the dangers on a building site. Class 1 listened attentively and asked relevant questions.

31.01.18 - Class 1 ventured out to the local area to complete a survey on the houses near school. The children looked at all the different types of homes/houses and were able to tell us what they found out in their survey.

30.01.18 - Church Treasure Hunt! As part of our previous 'Celebration' topic and our current 'Gathering' topic Class 1 went to the church to look for signs of things that are used in a celebration. The children also found lots of items that are crucial aspects of the church services that we gather together to take part in.

Week beginning: 22.01.18 - The three little pigs - We wrote story maps, thought about characters, settings and plot. Tested materials to see if they were waterproof or not. Played 'what's the time Mr Wolf?' Made new houses for the pigs, role-played in the builders/construction area.

18.01.18' The Library - Class 1 had a super time at the library. They met the librarian who told them all about the library and their ervices, she then read them all a story. The children went on a 'fairy tale' character search and made their own book covers for the library display.

Week beginning: 15.01.18 - Goldilocks and the three bears - We got mucky with porridge inside and outside, pouring and mixing then cleaning it all up ourselves. Friday's cooking involved porridge oats to make flapjack. In Maths we ordered sizes, shared items and completed addition and subtraction calculations.

08/01/18 - The Gingerbread Man! We have worked so hard to role play, repeat story phrases, sequence story events and rewrite the story. We enjoyed biting off the ginger body parts and collaborating to complete a chart to show the amount of body parts eaten first. We made ginger dough balls and shared them equally between the story characters, designed and made our own gingerbread man. Got lost in out own imaginations in the bakery, where we wrote some fab shopping lists. We even attempted to make our very own bridge for the ginger bread man to cross the river upon... however as pointed out by Elacie "He fell in and melted!"

03.01.18 Welcome back! Our first few days back were filled with number recognition, counting and revision. We looked at nonsense poems, continuing a rhyming string verbally and in written form. We LOVED 'On the Ning Nang Nong' and showed great humour with it. It's good to be back!

13.12.17 Christmas Craft Sharing Afternoon: Thank you to all who attended and got stuck into the crafting! The children really loved sharing their class time with their families and some spectacular crafts were created.

14.12.17 - THE ZOO! We could not of had a better day at the Zoo! It was wonderful! We helped the elf to fix Christmas, met Father Christmas himself, met some gorgeous penguins! It was all Magical. We then explored the zoo further, fed the rainbow birds, checked out the elephants, ate our lunch in the giraffe hide out and boarded the train. Needless to say we were all tired from such a fun-filled, fact-filled day! Thank you to all who helped, to the children for being super and the parents and pta for enabling us to go.

December 2017' Class 1 and 2 did themselves incredibly proud with their performance of 'A miracle in town'.

Week beginning 20.11.17 - Shadows: This week we have been learning about shadows, why they happen and how to make one. The children had tremendous fun making their own shadow puppets and creating a wonderful performance in the shadow puppet theatre-den. The children showed off their fab skills of expression and intonation. We lit up the dark night playdough with glitter stars, sorted sources and non-sources of light, loved our phonics as always and continued with time-related language associated with our daily routine. Another fabulously fun week :-)

Writing in both Year 1 and Reception is coming along well. Writing here about Night Monkey and Day Monkey

Week beginning 13.11.17 Night Monkey and Day Monkey - In Maths we have been learning about time, we were able to sort activities into day or nights, we made watches, role played what we do at different times in the day, retold the story, counted, looked out into the sky, experimented with lights and refective materials, and had another fab week!

This Thursday 9.11.17 Class 1 and Class 2 went to Our Lady Queen of Heaven for a very special occasion - The Baptism of Baby Joseph. Joseph walked to church with his proud parents Paige and Logan. The congregation respected the Lord's house upon entry and used the Holy water to make the sign of the cross. God parents - Max, Laurence, Lola and Hollie answered "I do" when asked to guide baby Joseph. Father Edward used a shell to pour the holy water on and went on to put oil on his chest. The congregation cheered and also prayed for him. God mother Hollie lit the candle to symbolise the light of Christ leading the way. Joseph was then changed into his white garments to symbolise his purity. We then returned to school to celebrate Joseph's beglonging to Jesus' family.

Fantastic shape animals and patterns from our Year 1s - 8.11.17

week beginning 6.11.17 - 'Shape' spray the shape and name it, peg board shapes, interactive shapes, 3d shapes computer programme, build a lego shape, shape printing, draw a shape in foam and nocturnal animal shape pictures... not forgetting the 3d shape 'cone noses' ;-)

Week beginning 6.11.17 - 'Owl Babies' Owl crafts, mixed media pictures, owl-nest writing den, nocturnal animals in playdough, twig thread-winding, enjoying our outside literacy shed, snap cards and just lots of fun!

Autumn Colours - week beginning 30.10.17 Mark making in Autumn colours, weighing pumpkins, making playdough and stick hedeghogs, Autumn pictures and labels, outside phonics, camera and action time

Autumn Colours - Autumn Leaves were falling down in our dance session! We loved making leaf accessories, Autumn inspired writing dens, pumpkin counting, making, measuring! As well as acorn quantitiy and numeral matching.

Our 'Baptism' Topic has begun. We have baptised our own baby in class - blessing it in the name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit. We celebrated by wearing our favourite clothes and making food.

The Fire Station trip was AWESOME! We had our very own go at using their hose, we sat in the fire engines and listened so well to the firemen.

Week Beginning 20.10.17 - FIRE FIRE! The children were fantasic with their role play, even making their own fine engines. Maths was hot with number recognition and formation.

13.10.17 Fruit Salad making - YUM!

13.10.17 - A wonderful time was had by all on our trip to the 'Dovercourt Friday Market'. The children selected and ordered their fruit and even handed over the cash!

11.10.17 Our first official trip out - Limecourt. We wowed the residents with our singing and put huge smiles on their faces.

Week beginning 9.10.17 - It's been a fruity kind of week..... Fruit sketches, fruit printing, fruit patterns, fruit counting, fruit shop, 'release the iced veggies', make a fruit/veg man and carrort pens!

Year 1 happily completed their 'halving task' - halving with equal parts.

We brought the jungle from 'Monkey Puzzles' into class. Role play at it's best, talking tubes for speaking and listening, letter recognition, fine motor tweezer task, jungle sketches like Henry Rousseau. We're a Clever bunch!

We have been looking at shapes, symmetry, information texts, puzzles and animals from around the world, building castles, creating our own animals and role playing. We had a good focus on washing our hands sufficiently and the Gerbils had their bedding changed.

wk beginning 25.9.17 - Year 1 Measuring each other using hand span and measuring skeletons in cubes - recording the heights.

Week Beginning 25.9.17 - Funny Bones - We have been learning about body parts and bones, retelling and acting out the Funny Bones story, writing our names, enjoying phonics, ordering skeletons according to size, playing doctors, playing the 'who is the hiding hedgehog?' game and enhancing our throwing and catching skills.

Week 1 and 2 - We have been very busy!

We are LOVING staying for lunch!

Ourselves Topic